a little dream (noy edit)

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Hannas POV

"Come on cub its almost moon rise" my dad and the alpha said as he patted my head while i tried to put on my slippers. "Daddy its only 7:00pm the moon dosent come out intell 9:30" i told him, "but tonights a special night its the cresent moon" he said snd opend the door.

I stared confussed at him "whats a cresent moon " i asked him,he looked down at me and smiled "you'll find out". I pouted like the little 6 year old i was.

"Sweet heart come on" my mom told me as she walked down the stares towerds my father. "Coming!" i yelled and ran after them from my spot on the floor.

I ran and ran my way into the middle of my parents.running ahead of them "well come on!" i yelled back at them as they smiled back at me while they stood in the door way.

"Daddy can i go see lilly" a little sweet voice said that woke me up, "shhh sweetie hannsa sleeping" a very familiar voice said.

I opend my eyes and found myself in a white room, i breathed in as i felt the touch of a nice cold breez coming from an open window.

I stood up and looked in front of me, Elizabeth and colt sat in a chair watching me. I felt suddenly uncomfortable "um" i said. "Your awak" colt sighed in relief as he stood up and hugged me.

I sat there while he hugged me and took a deep breath. His sent was unbearable,i closed my eyes and images started floating back in my head of what happen. Image's of the the outcast, colt saving me and me yelling at him,lilly fighting the outcast.


I thougut as i puched colt away remembering what happen the other day or was it, i dont even know what day it is.

"What day is it" i asked while colt was sitting back he aswerd "you have been out for 2 days only waking up to eat" he said. "Hows lilly" i asked remembering her protecting me.

"She has been out for 3 whole days" colt answerd. I looked stright at him he had bats under his eyes, he looked tired.

I felt in itch up my forhead and touched little stichss instead. Gussr thats gonna leve a scar i thought and got up from the bed. "Woah wait your not fully heald yet your bones are still bruised" he stood up and tried to stop me.

"Well im going wheather you like it or not im going to see lilly" i was determined to see lilly and no little bruised bones are gonna stop me,neither colt.

"Here ill help you" Elizabeth said and held turned around "grab my sholder ill lead you there" she told me in her sweet little angle voice. "See at least some one listens" i told colt as i hung onto Elizabeths sholder and we both walked out of the room.

I could here colt chuckle as we walked out.

This is really short but oh well it is the forth of july so happy forth!!

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