Truth or Dare Chapter 18

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I make quick work of myself. I keep my eyes shut and blindly push my feet behind me. I sneak the knife from my shoe and put it in my hands. I struggle to find the way to open the blade. I can't risk opening my eyes so I struggle harder. I can feel my body shake from the intense fear I'm in. I'm surprised they haven't seen me struggling yet.

I decide to go slower. Making my movements less noticeable. After about five minutes, I open the blade. Cutting my finger open in the process. I choke back tears from the pain and continue on. I work slowly on the rope. Cutting one stride at a time. I feel the strands loosening around my wrists. My body gains the desire to give up my blind battle. My wrists running low on blood circulation. I push through all the pain as I feel the rope giving way. FINALLY! My rope is released and my body fills with relief.

Now I have to escape. I haven't opened my eyes so I don't risk getting caught. I make a mental map of the attic's contents. A chest on the left. A picture on the right. Where's the opening again? Oh yeah all the way in the other corner. Now how do I do this?

Another long period of time goes by. I can't tell how long but I can feel the suns light radiation on my body. My body feels weak. I'm tired and exhausted from everything I went through. Watching my friends die before me. My friends are dead. They're really dead. My thoughts catch up with me for the first time. Tears stream down my face faster than a waterfall. I finally open my eyes not caring about what lies before me. I see nothing and continue my sulking I the quietness of the room.

Wait! There is nothing in front of me. Quiet? Did they really leave? Are they really gone? My body jumps up from its depressed state to a joyous celebration of life. I run over to the other corner as fast as I can, just about to step down from the attic.

"Not so fast." Garrett says coming out of hiding.


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