So I watched Miraculous..... Sorta...

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Hello again everyone!

It's been how long since the last- uh- update? 5 months?

Jeez I have problems-

Anyways not to beat around the bush here

Yall saw the title. Yeah.

Tbh I didn't really like- sit down to binge through every episode or something like that. I only saw a few here and there and spoiled myself

And so I have made a decision..


I quit. 😀👍

Lol yeah, I'm not kidding. Some of you might've guessed already but oh well.

I have been so busy and stressed out with living, I can't even begin to tell you how much the new seasons make me want to rip my hair out.

Besides, there's a lot I don't know yet and quite frankly I'm not ready to watch all of it.

So to you all who await an update on any of my stories, I deeply and sincerely apologise. It's not happening.

I should have said this months ago but I keep forgetting, my memory's never been the best and it tends to worsen in some moments.

I've also forgotten over half of the plot. So uh- yeah-

Truly speaking, I'm really sorry everyone. My books will now be discontinued as I've sorta fallen out of the Miraculous fandom. Sorta.

I really do appreciate everyone who was here with me especially when I would update frequently. I went through my stories and all the comments and words can't describe how wide my smile got and how much my day brightened up. So thank you everyone! Yall are awesome ^-^

Well, the question remains; "Is this goodbye?"



I'll announce a few things.

Like I said previously, I'm now into the "BnHA/MHA" anime/manga.

Alongside some others but it's my main.

I also have a LOT of oc's to create and remake, if need be I could even make an original story with them.

I also want to use gacha to make skits and whatnot based on said ocs. A task for the future, I hope.

I'm still working on all that so that's that.

This account won't be the same. I'd like a fresh start.

So shortly after posting these, I'll be changing somethings here and there like my user.

It's high time I focused and stopped procastinating.

I was gonna make a new account but eh- can't happen.

Well that's about it. Once again I adore and appreciate everyone who's been here since the start, as well as any new readers. I apologise that this is the end of this book but no worries, I'll actually begin posting new stories in September.

I hope to see old and new readers then, have a fantastic day/night!^^


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