Chapter Thirty

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Stephan's Point of View

"Okay Steph, so lemme get this called me over NOT to have sex with me, but instead just to talk...about a girl?" She asked with a smile, speaking slowly to make sure that she had understood properly.

"Firstly why me? Why not Lana or Toby? And secondly what the actual fuck? What have you done with Stephan, where is the boy that would probably have me pinned down to a bed right now?" She said folding her arms over her chest as she stood in my kitchen while I sat on one of the kitchen stools, resting my arms on the island smirking like a fool.

"Yeah, I want to talk about a girl. Lana's in therapy at the moment dealing with the whole Ian situation and Toby's a guy. I want to speak to a girl and you're the coolest chick I know...Carley the Stephan you knew is long gone. I'm not that man anymore."

"Okay." She inhaled and then exhaled as she ran her fingers through her short sleek shoulder length hair.

"You can have a seat." I pointed my eyes at the stool across from me and then she sat herself down. She then began to laugh while she stared at me as I grinned across from her.

"What?" I asked as I lifted my eyebrows.

She paused for a while and then smiled. "This is just weird that's all, very unexpected...very unlike you." She said tapping her fingers on the surface of the table. "By the way, you look really good Steph." She said scrunching up her button nose.

"Thanks." I winked as my forearms rested flat on the surface of the table while a half smile appeared on my face.

"So who's the girl?" She asked leaning slightly forward as her interest grew in abundance.

"Her name's Blueberry, but her birth name is Paisley." I said and then she chuckled.

"Yeah, I remember her...the girl Lana dared Toby to kiss, right?" She narrowed her eyes "And then you got all jealous, seeing It happen?" She laughed louder.

"That's the one." I said forcing back the memory of that night because with the memory came the feelings, and I was in no mood to feel upset once more over something that had happened a long time ago.

"She's really pretty." Carley smiled genuinely. "I can see why you're so into her." She said resting her cheek in her hand as her elbow pressed against the counter top.

"No, Selena Gomez is pretty. Blueberry is outstandingly beautiful and fuck sake that's not why I'm into her." I paused.

"Besides being beautiful on the outside she has a good heart, an amazing personality and a mind that can never be understood by anyone besides herself and that's the beauty of it all. You see....I want to understand and that's why I'll always want more of her, that's why I can't let her go, she's my diamond amongst coal.

The more I attempt to understand, the more knowledge I gain about her and every bit of information I learn makes me care so much more intensely for her,

I'm hungry for her mind and I want to decipher every part of it in hopes that one day I would finally understand it,

even though I know I never will." I smiled and then shook my head.

"That's why she's perfect for me because I'll always keep coming back to her, she captures my interest." I then stared at Carley with honest eyes. "No girl is capable of drawing me in the way Paisley does. I can't lose this girl Carley. I can't." I shook my head while cleaning my teeth with my tongue.

"Shit Steph." She said wiping her eyes carefully. My kitchen light shone down upon us lighting up the kitchen as it fought the dark sky of the night.

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