1. The Dance (R.T)

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Bridgerton Inspired AU

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Bridgerton Inspired AU

BAILEY LOOKED AT THE DRESS SHE WAS GOING TO WEAR FOR THE BALL THAT EVENING, IT WAS RED JUST HOW SHE LIKED IT. But one other thing bothered her, she didn't want to go to another ball with old men dropped at her feet, begging her to marry them.

If anything, she wanted someone who would care about her and not use her to just have children and then just forget her. She stared at her dress again with a sigh, she only wondered what the ball had in store for her, if it was to be any more different than the others. It would be very much so, my dearest readers.

Bailey stopped staring with her father called her, what did he need her for, and why now? Nonetheless, Bailey went down the stairs and was met with one of her childhood friends who was already to be wed to a popular Viscount, Adrian Crock, the only reason Bailey didn't hate him was clearly that he was a gentleman and not rake-like others, the lady standing there was no other than Courtney Whitmore with a huge smile of her face.

"Oh Bailey, there you are!" Courtney rushed to hug her.

"And why have you come to see me this early? We were supposed to meet at the ball." Bailey asked.

"Well I came to tell you that well from what I have heard around the lot, the Duke, Rick Harris- Tyler, Rick Tyler is supposedly making an appearance at the ball, maybe a lovely lady could catch his eye perhaps," Courtney wiggled her eyebrows.

"If you're suggesting me then I'm afraid, I'll only disappoint." Bailey looked down. "He's a Duke, Court if anything I could never catch his eye, I might as well just get married off to some man who'll die sooner or later." Bailey waved off the idea as she started to head up the stairs.

"But you marrying a Duke would be nice yes?" Courtney asked.

"Well that would be nice-" Bailey answered, Courtney was about to speak when Bailey stopped her. "I would rather marry a man who sees me as an equal."

"And what if he is that man you speak of?" Courtney asked.

"Then I may marry him," Bailey answered. "Now if you would excuse me Court, I have to get ready."

"I'll be waiting down here!" Courtney exclaimed. "Oh, hi my lord." Courtney bowed in front of the Viscount.

"No need for that when we're in my home," John smiled at the girl. "How are you doing Mrs. Crock?"

"Spenlied! The viscount and I are yet to be with a child but I know it'll come soon. I always adored children." Courtney smiled brightly.

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