Chapter 4

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The taxi pulled up in front of a dark building that resembled an old warehouse.  Jenna slipped out of the car behind Talia, eyeing the building suspiciously. 

"Are we in the right place?" she asked, glancing around.  There was no club visible, only the building, which looked uninhabited and creepy.

"I've been here before," Talia reminded her as she confidently walked to the front of the building.  The walkway sloped down to a discreet door, which she opened and gestured for Jenna to step in. 

They proceeded down a dimly lit hallway that smelled of liquor and body odor, before rounding a corner.

Standing at the end in front of another door, was a big burly man in a suit.  Definitely a wolf, Jenna thought as the girls came to a stop in front of him.

Talia flashed him a brilliant smile.  

"Who's she?"  he asked gruffly, motioning towards Jenna.

Jenna held her breath, suddenly realizing that this could be a really bad idea. Talia had told her how the werewolf community was so different from human society.  How they were more violent, and lived by their own set of laws.  If he suspected that Jenna knew things she shouldn’t, he could easily kill both of them.  Jenna forced herself to remain calm as the thoughts continued to swirl wildly through her head.  Don’t be suspicious

"She's with me," Talia said, flashing him another smile.  

To Jenna’s relief, the man simply nodded, stepped to the side, and opened the door.  

She was suddenly hit with the deep base of the music.  The building must be sound-proof, she realized, looking around.  The smell of alcohol, and sweating bodies was heavy in the air.  For wolves with sensitive senses, the strong smells must be overwhelming. At least the music wasn’t overly loud.  

She followed Talia inside.  A long bar stretched across the left wall, glowing under the low lights, and five bartenders and mixologists were at work behind it, serving up amazing looking drinks. 

The dance floor stretched over the center of the room, lights blazing in different directions, almost making her dizzy.  The floor itself caught her attention.  It was bright, giving the club some light, and the lights embedded inside changed with the beat of the music. 

A DJ was in a booth over on the wall across from the entrance, working his magic.  Tables were lined up against the far right wall with stools.  A glowing balcony surrounded the entire place, seats and tables barely visible on the second floor in the dim lighting.

The crowd was large, and crushing as some of the most beautiful people Jenna had ever seen danced with each other.  

Talia grabbed Jenna’s hand and pulled her over to the bar.  She followed, her eyes still taking in the room as Talia placed an order.  She pushed a strawberry margarita into Jenna’s hand, then downed a shot herself.  Jenna wondered if it was the bourbon Talia had warned her about.   

She knew Talia didn’t drink that much.   She’d told Jenna her metabolism was too high, and she burned the alcohol off before it even gave her a buzz.  But she had also told Jenna about the bourbon, made by werewolves for werewolves.  A pack in Kentucky brewed the stuff, and it was served at any and all werewolf establishments.  

"Let's dance," Talia shouted in Jenna’s ear, and she nodded, following her friend out to the dance floor, her barely touched drink still clutched tightly in her hand.  

Jenna began moving to the beat, letting the music, and the lights from the floor guide her. No one bothered her at first, but then she suddenly felt a pair of large hands grip her hips tightly.  She turned around and was greeted by a handsome man with dark hair and eyes.  

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