Truth or Dare Chapter 19

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"Don't kill me!" I cry,"please let me go!" The tears start to well up in my eyes again as I come back into the attic.

"Listen," Garrett whispers, "my cousin, the killer, is downstairs. Help me find this stupid envelope and I'll help you leave."

"Why should I trust you? I gave you all my trust. I even liked you and you disrespected all of that. You killed my friends! Why would you let me go!?" I say in an outdoor voice.

"Shhh!" Garrett motions as he grabs my head and pulls me in. Before I know it our lips are touching. His hands run down my arms, caressing them. He pulls away and says, "Now lets find that envelope. Fast."

We run around the room like chickens with their heads cut off. I search in chests, drawers, cabinets. Every possible place an envelope could be. My body feels weak from all the reorganizing we are doing. Moving mattresses, boxes, the whole shazam. I give up. I'm going to be killed. I can't find this stupid think in my vision.

Wait! I think I saw a car in part of the flashback. It had nothing to do with the rest of it. I run around the room looking for anything that looks like a car.

I find a little red toy car. You can tell it's ancient due to how rusty it appears. I look inside and see a piece of paper. The envelope! I found it! I just have to get it out. I open the door as slow as I can, careful not to break anything. After carefully working on the door, I can reach it and I pull it out, not caring about damage. I start to open it. I think 'I did it! I'm getting out! I'm going to live!" All faith drops as I open the paper to see a certificate of authenticity of the toy car! Yet again, I GIVE UP! I sit under a faded painting of a farm house. The painting falls on my head from the amount of force my body put on the wall. I almost scream but I realize I shouldn't because Garrett's cousin would come up. I stand up to rehang the painting when I see the envelope hanging out the back of the frame. Easier than I thought!

"I found it!" I whisper yell to Garrett. I look around but I don't see him anywhere. I look toward the opening of the attic and see the killer. The man who ended the life of my close friends.

"YOU JERK!" I yell in extreme anger. I just want him to know what it's like. I start to walk towards him. Not knowing what I'm going to do when I get there. Then I feel an intense pain on the right side of my rib cage. I turn around to see Garrett stabbing my body. I feel the warmth of his hand, pushing me to the ground. Stabbing. Cutting. Gutting me like a fish. Twisting and pulling. My body falls numbly to the floor. Leaving me with a terrible pain wrenching my body. Causing me a slow painful death.

"You really think I would leave you alive? You were capable of telling the cops. Now you're just kinda, dead." Garrett whispers as I look on him with regret. I feel my body collapsing. Giving up on keeping me alive. They walk away, laughing about what they had just accomplished.

"So what's in the envelope?" I ask with what breath I have left, coughing out blood in the process. The thick red substance covers my hand.

"Guess you'll never know." The original killer announces with a happy sense to his voice.

I can feel my last breath coming on. Dying in an attic of an old lady. It all started because of a STUPID dare and a STUPID phone call! Phone. PHONE! My cell phone! How didn't I lose this or the battery died!? Oh my gosh!

My body starts to overcome my battle with death as I painfully dial 911. I wait for the dial tone.

"Nine one one, what's your emergency?"


TRUTH OR DARE IS OVER! The sequel will be coming out the 29th of this month y'all! Promise! I'm going to add a new part to this story to remind you ALL! Please read it if you want to know what happens! Now! Did anyone remember she had her phone on her!?!? I love you all! All of your support and love :3 can't wait to post the sequel!

Xoxo- Madi

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