Chapter 9

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The ringing phone woke Jenna up several hours later. She sat up, groaned and glanced at the clock. It was 2pm. She rubbed at her face and frowned.  Something was happening at 2pm, though she couldn't remember what.
The incessant ringing of her phone finally penetrated her sleep fogged brain and Jenna grabbed it, glancing at the screen. Tyler. Her brother.

"Hello?" She asked sleepily.

"Jenna! Are you still in bed?" The voice on the other end practically shouted at her. Oh yes!  They were coming to get her today.

"Noooo." She lied.

"Riiiiight. We're here. Open up your door and let us in." Tyler demanded.

"Okay, give me just a sec." Jenna jumped out of bed and grabbed the boxers and sweatshirt she'd stolen from Daniel that morning. She slowed down for a moment as his scent enveloped her, thoughts of his lips on her flooding her mind.

She swallowed, as pain filled her heart. Why had she left with Talia that morning? She should have stayed. And things would have probably been awkward. Maybe it was for the best that she had left.  She threw his clothes on, then ran into the living room to buzz her brothers into the building.

While she waited for them to come up, she looked around for Talia. Her bedroom was empty and Jenna found a note on the fridge. Talia had taken a load to her new apartment and wouldn't be back until later.

A loud rap at her door had Jenna scurrying over to it. She glanced through the peephole and then threw the door open.

Tyler scooped her up in his arms, hugging her tightly. "Wow Jenna, it's been way too long."

"I know!" She smiled as he sat her down. She turned to her youngest brother, Michael and hugged him tightly.

"Hey Sis. Is your hot roommate home?" He asked, returning her hug.

"She took a load to her new apartment on the other side of town," Jenna said with a smile.  Michael had developed a crush for Talia ever since he'd laid eyes on her.

"Damn," he muttered in disappointment.

"You did just wake up," Tyler said, looking her over. "Since when are you a fan of the Steelers?"

Jenna looked down at the sweatshirt she was wearing and saw the logo emblazoned across her chest. "Um.."

"Well I guess it's appropriate since you're moving to Pennsylvania," Tyler laughed.

"I thought we were moving to Virginia?" Jenna looked at him in surprise. Her parents had been living in Virginia for the past few years since her father worked in Washington.

"No, they just bought a house in Pennsylvania," Michael said, glancing around at the half empty apartment.

Jenna shrugged. Since her father was in the Marines, moving was a way of life. She'd lived all over. What was one more place?  "I need to take a quick shower."

Tyler nodded. "Show us what needs to be taken down, and Michael and I will begin to load the truck.

Jenna took them to her room and showed them the boxes she already had stacked up, ready to go. She wasn't taking any furniture with her. There was no point as she wouldn't need it at her parent's house, and nothing in her apartment meant that much to her. Talia would be able to put it all to good use in her new apartment and would have a few of the guys from her pack move it for her soon.   

Jenna gave her brothers her keys to get back inside her apartment, then grabbed the clothes she'd left out to wear for the day.

She stepped into the bathroom and slipped Daniel's clothes off. She wanted to take his memory with her. One memory of her night of bliss with him.  Jenna glanced in the mirror. A small bruise at the base of her neck caught her attention and she leaned closer. She could see a bite there.

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