Chapter 15

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Talia flipped on the shower, turning the water to hot. She ached all over and a shower would be just the thing to soothe her body.

Large, strong hands wrapped around her waist. "Where are you going?" A voice asked in her ear, causing shivers to run up and down her spine.

She turned around and flashed a smile at James. "We can't stay in bed forever."

"I think we can," he said, pulling her against him and kissing her lips, his hand roaming down and squeezing her bottom.

She groaned, responding eagerly to his kiss. "What day is it anyway?" She asked when the kiss finally ended.

James frowned and walked out of the bathroom. He came back a moment later, waving his phone. "It's Saturday."

Talia's mouth dropped open in shock. "What?"

He showed her his phone.

Talia groaned, her shower all but forgotten. "I've probably lost my job!" She had brought a load to her apartment last Sunday and on her way back out, she had ran into James, her mate.

The mate bond had kicked into overdrive and Talia hadn't left his bed as they had mated like bunnies. That was six days ago. They had lived off of fast food deliveries and sex, shutting the world out from their cozy little love cocoon.

She groaned again, forgetting about the running water as she went to find her phone. Her purse was still near the door, where she'd dropped it on Sunday. She dug through it, looking for her phone.

"Thirty-five missed calls?" She screamed as she stared at the screen. She looked through the call log and groaned before listening to the first Voicemail. It was from the Alpha. "Oh no! I'm so screwed!"

James followed her into the kitchen. "What's wrong, Love?" he questioned, feeling her anxiety kick into overdrive.

"The Alpha has been trying to reach me since Sunday!" She said, starting to feel hysterical. Something was wrong, and she'd been missing for a week. What if something had happened to her parents?

"Calm down and call him back," James came over and rubbed her back, helping her to calm down some.

Talia dialed his number.

"Talia?" Alpha Quinton answered his phone.

"Alpha! I am so, so sorry I missed your calls. I um, found my mate and .." she stopped. I'm so screwed.

" haven't been out of bed since then," the Alpha finished for her.

Talia blushed. "No Alpha."

"Well I'm glad you are okay. We were beginning to worry something might have happened to you," Quinton said calmly.

We? "No Alpha. I am okay," Talia said sheepishly. This was bad. "Are my parents okay?"

"What? Oh, as far as I know, they're fine. That's not what this is about," Quinton said. "Can you meet me at my office in an hour? There's something very important we need to discuss."

Talia frowned, her stomach twisting into knots. "Yes Alpha. I'll be there."

She ended the call and looked at James. "I have to be at his office in an hour."

James nodded. "Go take a shower and get ready, then you can worry about the rest of your messages. The Alpha comes first. I'll go with you."

Talia breathed a little sigh of relief. "Okay." James was quickly becoming her rock.


Quinton hung up his phone and shook his head. Finding her mate was the one excuse Talia could get away with for not calling him. It was still embarrassing as Daniel had been breathing down his neck the entire week while he couldn't find one of his own pack members. At least now Quinton could give him some good news. He dialed Daniel's number.

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