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Chapter Thirty-Eight

Walking down the hallway, there was a bounce in my step and a happy smile permanently plastered onto my lips.

It had been two weeks since Logan and I became official, and besides the fact that we had to keep it a secret from everyone, things had been going just amazing. Logan was a great friend, but an even better boyfriend. I mean, I knew I'd be happy with him, but I didn't know I'd be this happy.

Arriving at my locker, my smile widened--if that was even humanly possible--at the sight of Logan, who was casually leaning against the lockers beside mine. His hands were lazily shoved into the pockets of his jeans, and he stared straight ahead, unaware of how beautiful he was. He turned his head in my direction as if he had just read my mind, and the way his eyes instantly lit up at the sight of me made me want to melt into a puddle of goo. He smiled and pulled me in for a hug and was about to lean in for a kiss when he realized we weren't supposed to be showing public displays of affection at school and took a safe step back.

A little disappointed that I couldn't kiss him, I reached up to unlock my locker and offered him a small smile. "Hey."

"Hi," Logan was smiling and looking at me with a twinkle in his eyes. "I hope you don't have any plans tonight."

"And why is that?" I quirked an eyebrow and smiled in curiosity.

"Because," he started, "I made reservations at a really nice restaurant downtown for our first official date, and I was really hoping you'd go with me."

"Well, you're in luck," I smiled, "because I'd love to go with you."

His smile grew into a grin. He pushed himself off of the lockers and started walking away, promising he'd pick me up at seven. I nodded in agreement and once he had turned around completely so his back was to me, I couldn't help but stare at his retreating figure, thinking about how lucky I was to have someone as sweet as him as my boyfriend.

"Having fun there?"

Startled, I whipped around to see Faith standing right beside me, looking at me with raised eyebrows and an amused smile.

"W-What?" I asked innocently, turning around to face my locker and shoving my books inside.

"You know what. You were totally just staring at Logan!" She said through an amused laugh.

Not being able to come up with a good excuse of why I had been caught ogling Logan, I simply huffed in frustration. "So?"

Faith laughed at my response and shook her head. "As much as I want to say that I came here to tease you about Logan, I actually came here to ask if you wanted to hang out today. Tyler's going out of town for the first week of Christmas break, so I have absolutely nothing to do."

Pressing my lips together, I closed my locker and turned to face at her, a sheepish look on my face.

"Again?" She said, slumping her shoulders down in disappointment.

"I'm sorry!" I whined. "I just have something.. important.. to do."

"You always have something "important" to do." She accused. "You haven't been able to hang out for the past two weeks. We used to hang out almost everyday, and now all of a sudden you never can anymore. And I don't mean to sound like your clingy best friend, but I am your clingy best friend. You never have time for us anymore. I mean, I'm dating Tyler, and I still make time to hang out with you."

Her confession of how she felt opened my eyes and made me realize just how much this secret was affecting her. I was so busy being excited about Logan and I, that I was dedicating all my attention to him and completely shutting Faith out without even realizing it.

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