Chapter 35

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"Talia, you have a new table."

Talia groaned and stood. She had slipped back to the break room for a few moments to give her aching feet a rest.

"You okay?" Avery, another server at the Blue Moon asked, glancing her way.

"Yup. Baby kept me up all night. Again." Talia retied her apron strings, and checked to make sure her pen hadn't disappeared.

"It'll get easier," Avery said, patting her shoulder.

"It better. I might like this kid a little more if he'd learn to sleep through the night," Talia muttered.

Avery laughed.

Talia really loved her son with all of her heart, but she didn't always like him. James had recommended that she start back to work a few nights a week to give herself a break and she'd whole heartedly agreed. He came home a little early those days, taking care of their pup for the evening.

Talia walked back out to the cafe floor, looking for her new table. She stopped, staring at the table in shock. Seated facing her was Tyler Browning and across from him were brunette waves that Talia would recognize anywhere. "Jenna!" she screeched, causing other tables to look up, startled by her outburst.

Jenna stood, and held her arms out. Talia ran into them and hugged her friend tight, laughing and crying. "Omigosh, why haven't I heard from you?"

Jenna sighed. She'd known this was coming. "I lost my phone. The day I left New York City, my phone disappeared. I looked and looked but it wasn't in any of my things I brought home. Since then, I've been so busy taking care of my mother, it just became less of a priority."

Talia sat down at the table . "How is your mom?"

Jenna's face fell. "She passed away a little over a month ago."

"Oh Jenna, I'm so sorry," she said, rubbing her friends back.

"Thanks," she said softly, hugging Talia. It was like they'd never parted, and Jenna was glad for that.

"So what are you doing here?"

"Tyler has a seminar, and I came with him to see you," Jenna smiled.

"Oh my gosh Jenna, I have so much to tell you! I had a baby!" Talia said proudly.

"What?" Jenna looked at her friend in astonishment. "You're a mother?"

"Yes! I'm a mother," Talia smiled. She wanted to say so much more, but with Tyler sitting there and in such a public place, she couldn't. "Can we visit? Outside of this place?"

Jenna smiled. Rule number one. If Talia had a baby, she'd probably found her mate, and wanted to tell Jenna all about it. "Yes, we can get together tomorrow. Tyler will be in his seminar all day."

"Okay, I'll give you my address and you can come over and meet my little man."

Jenna smiled, feeling excited. She and Tyler ordered food and chatted some more with Talia everytime she came to the table. She noticed the mark on Talia's neck. The same as her own, though hers was covered. They had so much to talk about. Jenna couldn't wait.


Talia stared out the window of the taxi later that night on her way home, though her mind was elsewhere. She wanted to talk to Jenna before she contacted Daniel. She planned to somehow bring him up tomorrow to see if Jenna remembered him. She hoped so, for Daniel's sake. Hopefully Jenna wasn't seeing anyone, though from the way she talked, she'd been too busy taking care of her mother to have much of a social life.

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