Chapter 39

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Jenna ended the call to her father with a smile. Tyler and her had just landed a bit ago, and after grabbing their luggage, they were now in Tyler's truck on their way home. Jenna couldn't wait to see Noelle. She'd missed her baby girl so much, she couldn't wait to get home and hold her again.

She hadn't told Daniel about Noelle yet. She wanted privacy when she spoke to him about his daughter, and she wanted to do it in person. Jenna already felt bad that Talia and Ben knew about Noelle before Daniel did, but then, she hadn't expected to ever reconnect with him, and even when she had seen him, she hadn't been sure he'd remembered her.

He'd texted her again this morning. He  said he wanted to call, but he'd been tied up in business meetings and would be flying back home at some point today. Jenna had hoped Daniel would be on her flight, but she supposed if he owned his own business, more than likely he would be flying first class, and she hadn't seen him.

Jenna rubbed at the mark on her neck. She'd completely forgotten to ask Talia what it meant. She pulled her phone back out, and sent her friend a text. A moment later, her phone binged, and Jenna opened the text, smiling when she saw it was from Daniel.

Are you back in PA yet, Love?

Yes, we're driving home now. Are you? She texted back.

Just boarded. Should be back shortly. I'll call you later. I want to see you again soon. I miss you.

Jenna felt her heart melt. I still have tomorrow off. Can we get together then? I miss you too.

That sounds good. I'll call you later, Love.

Okay. Can't wait

"Texting Noelle's father?" Tyler asked.

Jenna smiled. "Yes. He is flying back today too. He doesn't live very far away from us I don't think."

"What's his name?"

"Daniel," She smiled again to herself.  

The ride home took forty-five minutes. As soon as Tyler put the truck into park, Jenna wanted to run upstairs and see Noelle, but she reminded herself that the baby was sleeping. She took her bag from Tyler, and they headed inside.

The house was quiet, and something was off. She stopped, looking around.

"What's wrong?" Tyler asked, coming to a stop behind her.

"I don't know, but something is."

She stepped into her father's office, and was shocked to see him lying on the floor. "Daddy!" She quickly rushed over, and kneeled down next to him, noticing the blood on the carpet.

He opened his eyes and looked up at her. "Jenna," he whispered.

"Daddy, what happened? Tyler!" She yelled, not caring at this point if she did wake up Noelle.

Her father looked confused, as he started to get up. Tyler rushed in and pushed his father back down. "What happened? Dad, let me check you over before you get up." Tyler took his father's wrist for a pulse.

"I found him lying here unconscious. He's bleeding, Tyler," Jenna murmured, watching her father's eyes start to clear.

They helped him up slowly, and Jenna noticed the cut on the back of his head. "Tyler, look!"

Her brother eyed the wound, then hurried out, coming back a moment later with a kitchen towel, which he applied to his father's head.

Mitch winced. "Someone hit me."

"Did you see who?" Jenna asked.

Mitch shook his head. "Jenna," he grabbed her arm. "Go check on Noelle."

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