Chapter 43

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Talia's eyes snapped open. For a brief moment, everything was okay, then reality came crashing back down on her. James was dead. Her love, her soul mate. Gone. Snatched away from her and Matthew. Matthew! She sat up quickly, looking around. She was in a bedroom she'd never seen before. Matthew was sleeping in his car seat close by, his diaper bag right next to him. She heaved a small sigh of relief as she saw a little smile cross his lips. At least one of them was oblivious to what had just happened.

After she'd spilled the beans about Jenna and Noelle, the two scum buckets had ordered her to gather things for a little trip. Then they took her and Matthew out of the apartment and down to an SUV, holding a gun on her the entire time. After she'd gotten in, she couldn't remember anything else.

She looked around the room. It wasn't very big, but had a bed and dresser. She spotted two doors off to one side and walked over to them, opening each one. One led into a bathroom, and the other was an empty closet. She walked over to the door that she guessed led out of the room, and found it locked, which didn't surprise her.  She quickly checked all the windows and wasn't surprised to find them all locked either. She briefly considered breaking one, but seeing she was on the second floor, she wasn't quite sure she could ensure Matthew's safety if she jumped.

Talia sighed and walked back over to the bed and laid down. She still couldn't believe James was dead, though the pain in her heart said otherwise. Sobs wracked her body as she laid there. What was she going to do now? She wanted to curl up and wait for death, but she still had Matthew to think of. Her heart ached though, and Talia knew she was never going to be the same.

She rolled over on her back and stared at the ceiling. She had no idea where she was, though she guessed she was a "guest" of the pack that had taken her. She realized she might not make it out of here alive, and she rolled on her side to look at Matthew. Hopefully someone would take pity on him and take care of him. Did anyone even know she was missing? James would be discovered eventually, and her heart broke as she remembered his lifeless body sitting there, and she stifled another sob.


Lila whined in her head. 

'Oh Lila, I'm so sorry. I killed him,' Talia apologized.

'NO! You didn't kill him. That man did. You did what you must.  Don't ever think that I blame you. But I don't know where we are,'  Lila said quietly.

'It's okay,' Talia said. 'I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.'

The door opening caused her to sit up, and Shane walked into the room, a baby carrier in one hand, and a pink diaper bag tossed over his shoulder. "Brought you a gift." He sat the carrier down and dropped the diaper bag next to it.

Did they think she was the new pack babysitter? Fury overtook her. "Whose baby is that? This isn't a nursery," she whisper yelled at him.

He glared at her. "Your friend's." He walked out of the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

Her friends? Jenna! Oh no, that couldn't be Noelle. Talia dropped her head into her hands as fresh tears fell down her cheeks. Daniel was going to kill her.

Talia finally managed to get her tears under control, and she walked over to the baby carrier. Noelle was beautiful, and she could easily see traces of both Jenna and Daniel. She gently picked up the carrier and set her down next to Matthew, then checked her diaper to make sure she was dry. Satisfied Noelle was good, she sat back on the bed to watch the two sleeping infants.

Jenna had said Noelle was born Christmas day, so she would be about three months old. Matthew had just turned two and a half months old as well. She sighed. It was a good thing she didn't seem to have anything else to do, because now she was going to be tied up day and night taking care of two babies. She allowed herself a small half smile

Her gaze went back to Noelle. Daniel Remington's first born child. There was no way he wasn't going to come looking for her. He'd tear the world apart to find her. She allowed herself a bigger smile. These people that took her had no idea how screwed they were. Daniel would rain hell down on this pack.

She knew he may very well kill her as well for giving up Jenna and Noelle, but she'd cross that bridge when she came to it. The side of her that was in pain didn't care, but the rational side of her knew that Daniel did care about her, and he was wise, and though he may punish her, he probably really wouldn't kill her. She just hoped no matter what he decided that he would take care of Matthew. She felt certain Jenna would make sure of it.

Talia closed her eyes, hoping to get a bit of sleep. It was the one place where everything was still hearts and flowers. She had no idea what was coming to her, no idea if she would live past tomorrow. The one thing she did know though, was that she was going to have two crying babies on her hands very soon.


Jason Connelly smirked to himself as he hung up his phone. He loved when a good plan came together, and he still couldn't believe how easy it had been to take the little princess. What had the King been thinking, leaving both Jenna and his daughter unguarded? It was the one piece of the puzzle that still had him confused, but he was banking on the Alpha King coming after his daughter.

Jason was pretty certain Jenna was his mate, and had guessed that the King didn't want to claim her because she was human, but he had seen the way the Alpha had reacted to her at the diner. There was no denying that she was his mate, his dirty little secret. He had contemplated taking her at first. He thought of keeping the alpha alive in his dungeon after he had taken his throne, just so he could mate and mark his mate, and watch the Alpha suffer. He'd even visualized mating her down in the dungeon right in front of Daniel.

But Jason had pushed that thought aside. Jenna was a pretty little thing, but she was human, weak, and beneath him. Finding out she had a daughter who was also the Alpha King's daughter had been a bonus. He highly doubted the King would make her his heir though. She would be half human, weak, and female.

That little tidbit hadn't been easy to find, but he'd struck gold when she had traveled to New York City. He would use the baby as leverage to get what he wanted. Then, once he had the throne, and Charity by his side, he would kill off both Jenna and her half-breed pup, along with that she-wolf his warriors had brought back from New York. Maybe he would let the she-wolf's little pup live, since it was a male. He hadn't decided yet.

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