[00] bonus chapter: 3k special part 2

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A few minutes into the drive, Nabi piped up, "Where are we going?"

Hyunjin glanced at her before replying slyly, "It's a surprise."

The girl huffed, but she knew that once the boy was adamant on something, he wouldn't change his mind. "Fine," she replied. "Can I play music, then?"

Hyunjin nodded. "Duh," he told her. "This is literally your car as much as it is mine."

Nabi grinned before pulling out her phone and shuffling through a playlist that the couple had made called Najin/Hyunbi Bc We Can't Pick A Name. The first song (You Belong With Me, by Taylor Swift) blasted through the speakers, and both of them sang along with it freely.

A few years ago, Nabi wouldn't have sang in front of him, too scared of him judging her. But now, she knew that she could show up covered in shit and Hyunjin would still love her.

As the song played on, Nabi felt Hyunjin's slender fingers rest gently on her thigh. They weren't suggestive or possessive; his hand simply laid there as if to say, You, Bae Nabi, are my girlfriend, and I love it.

Nabi's eyes widened and her face turned a bright shade of red before looking away. Misinterpreting her reaction, Hyunjin quickly jerked his hand off her leg before rushing to say, "I'm sorry, was that uncomfortable? I got carried away, I won't do it again..."

The girl gave him a sweet smile, being reminded yet again that she was lucky to have him. She gently grabbed his hand and placed it back to where it was (higher up, actually, Hyunjin noted, but who was measuring?) before saying, "No, Jinnie, it's okay. I like it."

They both blushed like idiots for the rest of the car ride as they sat in the car with random music playing. Hyunjin kept drawing patterns mindlessly on her thigh, and Nabi couldn't stop grinning like an idiot. She felt like how she felt when she first met him.


Nabi was snapped back into reality when she heard Hyunjin turn off the car engine. She looked around to see where they were, and saw that they were in front of a—

"Wine painting," Hyunjin told her with a huge smile on his face. "I saw that you wanted to try it out, so here we are!"

The girl's eyes widened. He was right; Lia had sent her a picture of this very building and told her that they had really good reviews, and ever since, Nabi had wanted to come here. She didn't know that her boyfriend would take her there that quickly, though.

"Oh, Hyunjin!" She exclaimed, wrapping her arms around his neck. The angle was awkward, since she was leaning over the divider between the driver and the passenger seat, but they made it work. When she finally pulled away, she said sincerely, "I love you so much."

Hyunjin laughed, the corners of his eyes crinkling into cresents. He was so pleased that his girlfriend was happy. "I love you, too, Bae. Now let's go!"

The two got out of the car, took a quick selfie on Nabi's insistence, and entered the building excitedly. "Hwang Hyunjin," the boy introduced himself at the reception. "I booked the deluxe room for my girlfriend and I for an hour?"

The lady nodded mindlessly. "Yeah, follow me," she replied before stepping into the building with Hyunjin and Nabi (whose hands were interlocked) on her tail. "Here you go," she told them when they were in the room. "Press the red button if you need anything."

She left the room, leaving the two of them to their privacy. There were two canvases placed back-to-back with each other, so the couple could see each other, but not what the other was painting. There were also many unopened bottles of wine on the table beside where the canvases met.

Suddenly, it struck Nabi that wine painting required wine, and she wasn't the biggest fan of that. "Jinnie?" She asked hesitantly. "Do I have to drink?"

Hyunjin shook his head immediately. "No, of course not, princess," he replied. "We won't drink if you don't want to."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," he confirmed. "I'm sure. Plus, today should be a day you'll want to remember."

Nabi gave him a kiss on the cheek happily. "Thanks, Jinnie."

"You're welcome, princess. Do you want to choose a canvas?"

Without responding, the girl removed her hand from his before rushing over the canvas on the right. "Go, sit down," she scolded playfully. "We only have an hour, and I know exactly what I want to paint."

Laughing cutely, Hyunjin speed-walked to the opposite canvas before sitting down comfortably and grabbing his paints to start painting. The two of them sat in silence, hearing nothing but the calming sound of brushes glazing the canvases, making art from what was once blank. The boy noticed the paintbrush she had tucked behind her ear and the paint splotches that were already on her sweater, but with her tongue stuck out slightly and her brows furrowed in concentration, he couldn't help but take a picture.

The click brought Nabi back to reality. "What?" She asked, startled.

Hyunjin replied after tucking his phone away, "We should play 20 questions."

Nabi hummed in agreement, focused once again on her painting. "You go first."

Nodding, Hyunjin mixed his colours before asking, "When did you first fall for me?" He had a teasing smile on his face, and Nabi didn't dare look up to see it.

"I think it was when you stayed over," she replied thoughtfully. "The day my parents left and we took a nap together, you know?" They both laughed at that before she continued, "I think I fell for you much before that, but that was when I, like, knew that you were the one."

Something in Hyunjin's heart softened. She thinks you're the one, a voice whispered to him. I know, he replied.

When he was sure she was done talking, Hyunjin honestly answered, "When I first saw you."

Nabi raised an eyebrow at him. "You're kidding."

He shook his head. "I'm not, I swear. The moment Chan hyung and Felix introduced you to us, I knew I had fallen for you. I was actually really jealous of Seungmin, actually," he admitted bashfully. "He was the first one you gave a nickname to, and, well, I don't know."

The girl's heart swelled proudly hearing that. He's cared so much about you from start, it told her, that he was jealous of your other boy friends.

The two of them asked each other questions back and forth, until soon enough, their hour was almost over, leaving them with only 10 minutes left in the room.

"Your turn to ask, princess," Hyunjin asked softly, putting his paintbrushes and palette to the side now that he was satisfied with his final painting.

I'm ready.


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