The Real You

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I never understood love for what it truly is, until I met you
Now we just inseparable until we trip
And every time you try to leave I'm chasin' after you
And every time I go, I keep on comin' back to you
'Cause you belong to me, and I'm the other half of you
And as much as I need you, deep down I know I'm bad for you
You know I'm bad for you

-Fall Slowly, Joyner Lucas

• • •

Midtown Atlanta Yosohn's penthouseZone 5𝑭𝑹𝑰𝑫𝑨𝒀, 𝑨𝑼𝑮𝑼𝑺𝑻 𝟐𝟓𝑻𝑯

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Midtown Atlanta
Yosohn's penthouse
Zone 5

Seven watched the security cameras through the monitors in Yosohn's bedroom upon hearing a commotion downstairs. She was met with a clear visual of both Alexis and Tae arguing with the two men that were simply doing their job of protecting her. Because they'd randomly decided to pop up on her, Seven hadn't informed the men of any potential visitors. For that reason, they refused to let Alexis and Tae into the home.

Rolling her eyes, she quickly pulled a pair of Yosohn's sweatpants over her lower half, briskly descending the staircase. Pulling the front door open, she quickly diffused the situation by notifying the men of her relationship with Tae and Alexis. They immediately simmered down and granted the two of them access into the home.

"Girl, what the fuck are you? A mob wife now?" Tae jested, "security posted at the front door and shit. We can't even surprise you around this mothafucker."

Since Seven had placed herself on house arrest, Tae and Alexis decided to come over to surprise her. Even though they'd caused somewhat of a disturbance, she appreciated the kind gesture. Especially since she hadn't been out in two weeks. Even with security, she just didn't feel comfortable enough to leave the place where she felt the safest. Scar had clearly lost whatever brain cells he had left and was willing to risk his own life just to make her life hell. There was no telling what lengths he would go to in order to achieve that, and Seven didn't want to find out.

Laughing, Seven shut the front door behind them, leading the way towards the living room. While they made themselves comfortable, she grabbed three wine glasses and a roll of napkins for the Taylor Port and Insomnia cookies that they'd brought. Ambling back into the living room, she placed the glasses and the napkins down before plopping down beside them.

"You guys really have to let me know when you're coming by. Yosohn runs a tight ship, so those men out front are going to do whatever to make sure that his instructions are followed through and through."

"Chile, he is not playing about you. I love to see it," Alexis said, twisting the cap off of the wine bottle and pouring an ample amount into each of the glasses.

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