Chapter 46

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Daniel was dead.

The truth hit her full force, and Jenna fell to the ground with a scream as the pain of loss filled her. First her mother, and now Daniel. How much more could she take? Sobs wracked her as she wrapped her arms around herself. Why was this happening to her?

She wanted to blame someone. Charity for not agreeing to be Jason's mate. Talia for telling Jason about her and Noelle. Daniel for reassuring her over and over that he would be fine. He'd lied to her, and she was angry about that, but at the same time, none of them were to blame. She was being selfish, expecting people to give up so much for her. The only one she could truly blame was this arrogant weasel of an Alpha. He didn't deserve his title. Or Daniel's.

She had just found Daniel again, and he'd been ripped from her in the cruelest way possible. Noelle would grow up never knowing her father, if Alpha Jason even allowed them to live. Part of her didn't want to. She'd experienced so much loss lately, she wasn't sure how much more she could take.

Someone had knelt down next to her and wrapped their arm around her, offering some comfort. Jenna realized all she wanted now was to find Noelle and go home to her father and her brothers. She felt empty inside, and completely exhausted.

"I will be claiming you now." Alpha Jason stepped in front of Charity interrupting her thoughts, and Jenna suddenly wanted to attack him. He was the cause of all of her pain. He was the selfish one.

"You bastard," she screamed, launching herself at him. Charity jerked her back before she reached him, and Jenna growled at her.

Surprise crossed Jason's face before he smirked at her. "Keep that human back and I met let her live."

Charity laughed in Jason's face. "You think you've won?" She laughed harder, and Jenna began to wonder if Charity was losing it. Jason had won.

"You'll kneel before me," Jason released his aura, making Charity laugh even harder.

Jason growled at her, his brown eyes flashing. "I will make you submit. Beneath me!" He roared.

Charity smirked. "Not if you're dead."

"You think you can kill me? I just killed your king! I won! And I will have you," he roared.

"No. You won't."

A large black and white wolf suddenly knocked Jason over and Jenna watched in fascinated horror as the wolf ripped out Jason's throat.

The crowd erupted in cheers as Jason bled out, the pack not the least bit upset to see their leader dead.

Jenna stared down at him. She couldn't feel sorry for him. He'd brought this on himself. Her gaze darted back across the field to her mate's dead body but it was gone.

"Charity," she murmured, grabbing her sleeve, her eyes never leaving the spot where his body had been. "Daniel.." Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

Charity grabbed Jenna's arm, turning her body towards her own. She placed her hands on Jenna's cheeks. "It's okay. Look." She turned Jenna back to the field.

The large wolf was still standing over Jason's body, though it was looking at her. It stepped towards her and the sound of breaking bones echoed across the field. Suddenly, Daniel was standing before her in the wolf's place.

Blood spattered across his naked body, and he crossed his arms across his chest. The pack loudly cheered. Jenna's vision tunneled and then everything suddenly went black.

Daniel saw his sister grab Jenna before she hit the ground. Guilt filled him at what he'd just put her through. He'd really have to beg for her forgiveness on this one. Hopefully she'd give him a lifetime to make it up to her.

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