Chapter 49

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An hour later, Jenna was seated in the backseat of the SUV headed back to the plane. Noelle was strapped into her seat next to her, while Daniel was on Noelle's other side. Her father was in the front seat, and Daniel's Gamma, Elijah, was driving.

Ragnar followed behind them in another SUV with Talia, Matthew, Caleb and Charlotte. Tyler had chosen to stay behind with Charity. Ben and Risa had also stayed behind to help check over pack members, since they were now allowed health care that most had been denied in the past. Ben had taken leave from the clinic and would return in a week.

Jenna reached down and stroked Noelle's cheek. She'd barely taken her eyes off of her baby since she'd gotten her back, though after she'd been given time alone to nurse, she'd been bombarded with family; her own wanting to make sure Noelle was okay, and Daniel's parents wanting to meet their grandpup.

Now, all she wanted to do was be alone with her baby, but she knew at some point, she and Daniel needed to talk. It was inevitable, and if she decided to be with him, her life would drastically change. But memories of what it had felt like when she thought he was dead made her realize there wasn't much he could say to her that would make her not want to be with him.

She looked back down at Noelle and smiled. This little one would keep her tied to Daniel anyway, at least for a while. She knew he had already fallen in love with Noelle and would want to be in her life no matter what Jenna decided.

Daniel had the plane moved over to Virginia Pack's private runway, and it didn't take long to arrive there. They all boarded the plane, leaving the SUVs parked in the small lot to the side. Charity and Shane would return them to the rental place the next day.

The plane landed an hour later and Regal Eclipse pack members headed back to the pack house while Jenna's family climbed in their vehicle to head home.

"Jenna?" Her father waited patiently to see what if she wanted to return home with him or stay with Daniel.

"Daniel? I need to go home because that's where all of Noelle's things are," she turned to him.

"Can I come with you?" Daniel asked hopefully.

Jenna looked down at her sleeping baby. She had a feeling that after the last few hours, he wasn't ready to let them out of his sight yet.

"I'll be along in a bit, Daddy. Daniel will bring me home," Jenna called to her father.

He nodded and pulled out of the parking lot.

Jenna turned back to Daniel and handed him the diaper bag. "I'm tired tonight, Daniel. I know we need to talk about everything, but I don't think I can mentally handle it."

Daniel swallowed hard. Jenna's emotions had been so quiet on the plane, he really couldn't read what she was feeling. He didn't want to let her or Noelle go but at the same time, he knew he had no right to ask her to stay unless she was ready. He had asked to date her... though that had been before he'd found out she'd given birth to his daughter or his daughter had been kidnapped. He needed to ensure their safety one way or another.

"That being said, I do realize you're probably not going to want to let her out of your sight, and she needs protection. I won't deny you. I want you in her life no matter what happens between us," She yawned.

Daniel gave a small sigh of relief at her words. Jenna had a better grasp of the situation than he thought she would. She'd been quiet on the plane, which had made him tense. He wasn't used to her being so unemotional.

"Do you need anything from your home?" Jenna asked him.

"If you don't mind..." Daniel said.

"Not at all," she gave him a tired smile.

Jenna got Noelle strapped in then climbed in herself. Daniel started the SUV and they pulled out.

It was a beautiful night, the almost full moon lighting up the forest, as tiny snowflakes began to fall.

"How much land do you have?" Jenna asked curiously.

"Three thousand acres, though a thousand of it is water," Daniel flipped on the heat.

They pulled up in front of a huge house, a beautiful log cabin that covered most of the clearing. Other buildings dotted the grounds as well, and Jenna saw a few wolves moving across the yard, and into the woods.

Daniel put the vehicle into park. "Do you want to come in or would you rather wait here?"

"I'm going to wait. I don't want to pull Noelle back out." Jenna wanted to go inside the gorgeous home, and see where her mate lived, but she just didn't have the energy.

"I'll be quick." Daniel hurried into the house and took the elevator up to his floor. He entered his apartment and glanced around. What would Jenna think of it? It could definitely use a woman's touch. He quickly threw a bag together, then left, hopping back on the elevator.

'Mate's asleep,' Rafe informed him.

Daniel breathed out. 'Probably a good thing.'

'Today has been very difficult for her,' Rafe said.

Daniel got into the car as quietly as he could, then headed towards her home. She only lived fifteen minutes away. 'She was always so close.'

He parked the car and reached over to wake her. "Jenna? We're at your house."

She stirred and groaned. "Daniel?"


"Am I dreaming?" She yawned.

"No," he chuckled. "I'll grab Noelle."

Jenna waited until Daniel had pulled out the baby carrier before getting out herself. The temperature had really dropped. She entered the home, and smiled at her father who was pretending to watch TV. She knew he'd been waiting for her to come home, and after the day they'd had, she couldn't blame him.

"Mr. Browning," Daniel acknowledged, following Jenna up the stairs.

Mitch nodded at the Alpha, and watched them disappear up to Jenna's room before flipping the TV off himself and heading into his office. He needed some time to decompress before he'd be able to sleep.

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