Chapter 51

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Noelle only woke up twice in the night, and Daniel got up with her each time, changing her diaper, bringing her over for Jenna to nurse, then burping her and rocking her back to sleep.

He'd crawled back in bed and pulled Jenna back into his arms. She'd barely woken up long enough to feed Noelle, she was so exhausted. He laid there, holding her tightly through the night, never wanting to let her go.

Jenna woke the next morning to find her cheek pressed up against Daniel's bare chest. She lay there for several long moments listening to his heart beat, happy that it was still beating.

She finally slipped out of the bed to check on Noelle, surprised to see she was still sleeping, and then headed into the bathroom. A cry from her daughter had her hurrying back to the bedroom, only to find Daniel already up and pulling her out of her crib.

"Relax, Momma. I got her," Daniel said softly as he carried his pup over to the changing table.

Jenna slipped back into bed, admiring the muscles rippling across Daniel's back as he worked. She'd forgotten how attractive every part of him was. She could lay in bed and watch him do mundane things for hours.

Once he was finished, and had her in dry clothes, he brought her over for Jenna to nurse before crawling into bed next to her.

"How did you sleep?" He traced his finger over Noelle's downy soft head.

"Better than I have in.. well I don't know how long. Thank you for getting up with Noelle last night." Jenna glanced down at him. She'd propped up pillows against the headboard while she nursed.

"She's my daughter. Plus I know you were completely exhausted."

She finished nursing, and Daniel took Noelle from her. "Daniel, how do I become a werewolf?"

He looked up at her in surprise, then frowned. "I think it involves my blood, but I don't totally remember. I read about it in a book in our library, but that was probably over two hundred years ago," he admitted.

"So we need to find that book?" Jenna had laid back down on the bed and was enjoying watching him with Noelle. She loved how he'd stepped up to his role as a father so easily.

"No, we can just ask my parents. You can talk to my mom since she went through it," Daniel said.

"Your mother was human?"

He nodded.

"Can I tell my brothers?"

Daniel was quiet for a moment, thinking that one over. "Yes, though we need to stress how important it is to keep the secret."

"Rule number one," Jenna muttered.

Daniel looked up at her in confusion.

"We do not talk about Werewolf Club."

Daniel snorted, then looked down when Noelle whimpered. "Sorry Love," he said softly, rocking her gently.

He walked over to Jenna and handed Noelle to her. "I uh..." he gestured to the bathroom.

She smiled, taking Noelle. "Go ahead."

A knock at the door caught her attention as Daniel disappeared into the bathroom. The door opened partially. "Jenna?" Michael whisper yelled.

"You can come in."

Michael pushed the door open further and stepped in. He was looking a bit disheveled, his clothes wrinkled and his hair a mess.

Jenna frowned at him. She hadn't seen him since before she'd left for New York City. Michael had finished his training to become a police officer, and was now working in the city. He also had a girlfriend that he spent most of his spare time with, and wasn't around very much. "Did you just get home?"

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