Chapter 61

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Daniel opened the French Doors when they reached his deck. He walked in and sat Jenna down. "You want to bathe or go straight to sleep?"

"Bathe. I'm hurting so bad, I don't know if I could sleep right now," Jenna muttered.

"You'll heal quickly. Your body just went through a lot. Do you want a hot bath or a hot shower?"

"Shower. I don't think I could stay awake long enough to take a bath, even though it sounds wonderful. Maybe when I wake up." Jenna headed towards the bathroom.

Daniel watched her go and sighed with relief. Even though his father had reassured him numerous times, he was glad she had survived her first shift. She'd had a blast. And he'd felt her lust, knowing the mate bond was starting to fully affect her. She was too tired now to do anything about it though.


Daniel's head snapped up at Jenna's call and he hurried into the bathroom. He was pretty sure he'd heard her already get in. He steeled himself for the onslaught of desire he knew would hit him the moment he saw her naked.

Jenna was just standing there, letting the water flow over her body. She'd piled her hair up on her head. She looked up when he walked in, and he felt a surge of lust from her. Water dripped down her body, grabbing his attention and he swallowed.

"This is embarrassing, but I don't have the energy to bathe myself," she cried, a tear trailing down her cheek.

"Oh Jenna." He felt her embarrassment and frustration. "I got you. It won't always be like this. Do you want me to wash you?"

She nodded and Daniel pulled off his shirt, then his shorts. He felt Jenna's desire for him when she looked at him naked.

Daniel opened the shower door and slipped in. Jenna turned to him and placed her hand on his chest.

"You were right," she muttered. "It's so much stronger now. How do you keep your distance?"

"It's not easy. Especially with your teasing ways," Daniel smirked, grabbing Jenna's loofah.

"I don't have the energy now," Jenna said sadly.

"Quite alright. We can wait," Daniel told her. "Turn around."

Jenna looked him up and down one more time before turning around.

Daniel grabbed her body wash and worked up a lather in her loofah, then
he pressed himself up against her back. He heard her soft gasp at their touch, and stifled a moan himself. He placed a hand on her waist, and brought the loofah around to her belly. He washed her slowly, languidly, kissing her mark. He could feel that Jenna was growing more aroused the longer he worked.

"Now who's being the tease," she murmured, as she turned her head to meet his lips.

Daniel kissed her slowly, then broke it off. "All finished," he said as he stepped back and quickly washed himself.

Jenna watched him, a tired smile on her face.

Daniel flipped the water off and opened the door. He grabbed a towel and dried himself off, then grabbed another for Jenna. He wrapped it around her, drying her off, then scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom, putting her to bed. "I'm going to go get Noelle, and I'll be back."

Jenna hummed, and then she was out.

Daniel slipped into the closet to get dressed, before leaving to get Noelle. He visited with his parents for a while, ate dinner with his pack, then caught up on some paperwork.

His mother had found a baby wrap in the diaper bag, and had helped him figure out how to use it. Daniel had gotten Noelle strapped up and then headed off.

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