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Annas POV

I watched as they carried lilly and alpha hanna to the infirmary.

But the thing that botherd me was the way he looked at hanna while she was Unconscious.he looked at her like he loved her already.

"Mommy can i go see lilly" Elizabeth asked me for some reason she always wanted to go see that human girl and make sure shes okay. "Elizabeth why do you want to go see lilly" i finally asked her. She looked up at me with her stunning blue eyes, "because what if she needs me" she said.

"Go ask dad hes in hannas room" i told her and she ran off down the hallway.

I was scared he spent the whole day in her room watching over her and he barely slept. Hanna she came and is trying to take colt away from me. My wolf growled at the though she dident take a liking to hanna or lilly,after what lilly said how dare she speek to an alpha that way!

As i leaned agenst the wall Elizabeth came out of hannas room with hanna at her sholder "she beat you with a banana " Elizabeth said like she dident believe it herself, "yup but i got her back after i pushed her in a waterfall " hanna said and laughed at the memory.

"Wow i wanna do that some day" Elizabeth told hanna. They walked past me Elizabeth smiled and Hanna just focused on not falling. I know hannas an alpha shes runs one of top most populated packs. If she can handle running the pack that big by herself then she dosent need colt.

On the other hand i need colt Elizabeth needs colt and so dos the little boy whos going to need his father. I smiled at the thought of all of us a family together, like we used to be but now that hannas here it might not happen again.

I was cut off by my thoughts when i herd Elizabeth laugh. "Hey you okay" colt said as he walked up to me half startleing me. "When are they gonna leve" i asked him, it's true i wanted them in and out of my territory as soon as possible.

Colt gave me a concern look"whats the rush" he asked me "i dont like another alpha whos supposed to be your mate trying to take you away from me!" i told him a little louder then i should half.

He looked at me and pushed his lips towerds mine,i kissed him back and pulled back. He told me in a whisper "no ones going to take me away from my family and no one can change that i love you" he told me and i felt a tear drop run down my cheak and hit the tile floor.

Another tear drop ran down my side and he washed it away with his thumb "anna the mother of my children and the woman that i love" he told me as i stared into his sea green eyes.

"I love you colt" i told him

sorry but im really bad at this romance stuff also what do you think of annna and colt what dos hanna think about them and why is lilly still knocked out!?

Also im working on a new book called the rouge queen which is a book im really excited to show you and it will come out mabey in the middle of this month but im not sure. So stay tuned for my new book and big events that should come

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