¹Unpleasant Meeting.

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"You don't want me to kill you too,right?" He asked me,his intimidating dark eyes screaming more about his dark aura.

The dark aura that every employee was scared of.

Not excluding me.

"Y-yes." I replied but cursed my tongue for stuttering for stuttering like scaredly puppy. I was frightened and trembling crazily inside but showing how I was feeling then it would have been a sin before him.

I had to not show how weak I was in front of him.

He hated weak people.

That's what I heard from my work colleagues.

So I acted.

I acted strong in front of The Kim Taehyung.

Ruthless and cold CEO I regretted working for.

The man who was rumored to be involved in the underground world.

I believed it was true.

He was indeed a merciless Mafia.

And after seeing what just happened in front of my eyes.

I was 200% sure.

Kim Taehyung was indeed merciless.

"Marry me." He said with a dark smirk staring deep into my soul if that could happen.

He was like reading all my features and the soul inside me,I was feeling so uncomfortable.

My outfit.

I didn't like the way his dark orbs were staring at me

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I didn't like the way his dark orbs were staring at me.

I knew he didn't know me well.

Not even my name.

I was just an ordinary employee in his company.

An employee who didn't know how the floor of his office looked like,just heard praises that it looked like a palace.





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