³Getting Into

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Y/n's POV

Two hours passed and we were still in the car. Kim Taehyung driving and me fighting against my sleepy ass. I didn't want to sleep let alone dozing off because I was so conscious about every step in my life.

The steps Kim Taehyung was leading.

Not me.

I kept on asking myself why his place was far that we even left the city and now I didn't know where the hell we were going.

Was his house in the mountain or a cave?

One thing I knew was we were still in Seoul but I didn't know which part of Seoul.

I thought the Richest Man in South Korea lived in Gangnam-gu,the city of the rich people but no.

We were going somewhere else.

Then I thought.

What if he really lived in Gangnam-gu and now we were going to my death place.

Where he was going to kill me.

I became so scared.

And my weak eyes were hurting so much as I wasn't used to stay up late. I took off my glasses and kept on rubbing my eyes. I had eye problems.

My bad luck.

"Sleep." It was a command that skipped my heart beat but I didn't want to to sleep.

What if I slept and then he slaughter me to death.


I had to be awake.

I quickly put on my glasses and replied him after fighting my scared self. "I-I not s-sleepy."

"I. Said. Sleep." He said firmly and I just nodded.

I had to obey.

I leaned my head at the back of the seat and closed my eyes but I wasn't sleeping. I was so scared to sleep.

I just acted like sleeping.

Because I didn't want to anger the merciless Mafia.

Taehyung's POV

She stuttered a lot.

But I think she was lying that she was stammerer.

She was just scared of my aura.

That I knew.

I stared at her and her eyelids were moving.

She wasn't sleeping.

She was acting.

She was just making mistakes time to time.

Testing my temper and I really hated that.

I reached at the gate of my house and pressed the horn which startled her much.

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