⁶Hate Lies

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Y/n's POV

Dark Piercing eyes.

Clacking Gucci shoes on the marble floor.

Dark aura.

Face covered in a mask.

Defining one person.

Kim Taehyung.

With every clack of his Gucci shoes,my heart was dropping. I sneakily took a glimpse of him and fuck!

It was my death when I met his piercing eyes.

His eyes were fixed on me.

He was literally coming towards me. I forced my eyes close waiting for what was going to happen to me.

In no time I felt a tight hold on my bruised wrist,I looked at my wrist and I saw the long fingers holding my wrist tightly.

I couldn't comprehend.

"I-I can e-expl--

"You don't want everyone to watch us. Do you?" He whispered in my ear,his hot breath driving me hazy as it does all the time.

I looked around with my hooded eyes and everyone was staring at us.

Pitying me.

"I see you don't." He said with a dark smirk then he started dragging me in the corridor. He was walking fast and I had to follow his pace thou it was so hard.

He was too fast.

And the evil CEO couldn't even gave it a thought that he was hurting my poor wrist.

My clumsy glasses were giving up but I couldn't dare talk to him.

My legs were hurting and thank heavens I didn't wore heels.

I would have fall.

I knew I did wrong.

According to his principles.

And my punishment was death.

Yeonjun's POV

I was busy on my phone. The fact was I never liked working in the company. I would come to work just because hyung forced me to.

My wish was to work with him in the underground work but he said I shouldn't.

I wanted to be a Mafia too but alas--

I had a bad luck.

I heard some whispers,the employees here were always gossiping. I glared at them but then I noticed their eyes stuck in the corridor.

I averted my gaze to the side and I saw hyung with my crush.

His eyes so angry like when he wants to kill someone.

I knew Y/n was in trouble so I did what I thought was right.

Saving Y/n.

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