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Makes sure you read the previous chapter. [⁶Hate Lies.]

Y/n's POV.

A flicking sound brought me out from the trance of old memories with my father.

I wiped my tears then I got a glimpse of Taehyung puffing in poisonous smoke from the cigar.

He was a smoker.

And I hated smoking.

He had everything I would hate.

I was never going to like nor love him despite being my so called fucking husband.

I scrunched my nose as I didn't like the smoke and smell.

"You really think I killed him? He asked after taking out the smoke. I just stared at him,my eyebrows curved into confusion not really understanding what he meant.

"I'm not that bad to kill my princess's father. He said getting up from his chair. I sighed a relief.

Appa wasn't dead.

"Don't be so happy because I can kill him at any minute from now." He said abruptly.

"W-what do you mean?" I asked.

"He is under my care,princess. He can die at any second if I tell the doctor to cut some pipes helping him with the last string of his life as he is in coma now."

Coma? How and when?

Appa was fine when I talked to him last time.

How did he--

"I actually stopped his treatment for a good 10 minutes and he is so weak that next moment the treatment started he went into coma. So sad." He said with a pout.

Fuck,his pout and fake frown.

"H-How could you?" I demanded for an answer.

He really went too far with the punishment that he made my father suffer.

I could imagine how he felt like when his treatment was stopped.

Appa suffered because of me.

"It's what you asked for,Princess." He replied nonchalantly and I looked at him in disbelief.

"When did I?"

"By lying to me." He shrugged it off.

"I was the one who lied. You shouldn't have dragged my father in this." I don't know where I got all this power of talking without stuttering.

Maybe because I was so angry at him.

"If you make a mistake,I'll drag whoever I want. Because--

He paused and then he put his halfway puffed cigar in the cigar plate.

"Your family is your weakness and your weakness is my strength." He replied in a dark tone.

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