Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

"The hell, mom! This is the 100th page that i've been encoding, for God's love!" I irritatingly said. My hands, specifically my fingers, are fckin' tired. Imagine yourself typing those goddamned reports in size 8, Arial. You could seriously consider suicide as an option.

"Just drop the ranting and continue your work, dear. It will do no better. Trust me, you don't want to see me pissed-off." She hissed. She's really a pain in my ass. Really.

"Trust me too, mom, you won't want to see me cursing you." 


"I'm dead serious. I do what i say." 

"Trust me, you don't want to live your life without cars, credit card, condo unit..." There she goes again.. "I hate you! Blackmailer!"

"Whatever. By the way, you'll be doing Josh's make up. He'll be having a photo  shoot later. Break a leg!" Then she ran-off. I was left there. Shocked. With my mouth open. Slowly processing what my mom said. After 10 secs. i muttered, "What the heck?!"Is Margo some kind of super woman? Encoder and make up artist in one?!

45 mins. later ~

"Don't move, will you?" This Josh guy is bringing out the beast in me! I'm doing his make up and he keeps on moving. The heck.

"Stop dancing!" He's banging his head and murmuring some strange words. "Can you freeze for a moment? Just let me finish what i'm doing?" But then again, i got no response. Good. Just good. 

I puched his face

"What is your problem?!" Ikaw! Ikaw ang problema ko! I badly want to shout it out but i don't want to catch attention so i just breath in and out and tell him, "Just freeze. 10 mins. Okay?" 

Thank heaven, he followed what i said. Magpapa misa na ba ako? Haha. Kidding. 

After 20. mins, luckily, i finished his make up without using brutal ways. "You're done. Just go. Shoo away." And i shooed him away. You know? Just like when you're shooing dogs away? Get my point? Oh well, nevermind.

"You're not yet done, babe.." And a sly smile formed on his oh-so-kissable lips. 

"W- what are you doing?! Why are you taking off your clothes?"I'm stammering. The heck. It's not my first time to see a guy naked. But there's something about him that makes me nervous..

"Why? You need to put foundation or oil or whatever you call that in my abs. Don't be a coward. I know how much you want to touch my abs. Go ahead. They don't bite." Oh my God! Just oh my God! 

"Ang kapal ng mukha mo!" Srsly. I mean it. He's reaching my boiling point. I'm used to bullying people but not the other way around. He? Bullying me? Fck this situation.

"What did you said?" 

"Hindi ka nga pala nakakaintindi ng tagalog. Mabuti naman."He seemed clueless so i'll take this opportunity to speak out."Gwapo ka eh. Gwapong gwapo. May abs ka. Oo. Gusto kong hawakan. Pero tangna, ang yabang mo. Sarap mong patayin. Alam mo yun? Pasalamat ka may British accent ka!" It feels good. Saying what's on my mind.

"I know i'm that handsome. No need to remind me. I told you, you can touch them if you want, i won't budge. And i'm only 22, too young to be killed. Hahaha. And yes, i attract many girls with my accent. Kudos with that" My mouth hanged open. He- he can understand tagalog?! "You understand what i said?" Oh my goodness. This can't be happening. Mother earth, swallow me now! Now!

"I don't speak tagalog but i can understand tagalog. Better luck next time. I don't speak French, Nihonggo etc. Maybe try cursing me in that languages." He winked. "By the way, see you on Thursday, babe." Then he left.

Oh God. What's with my luck?

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