Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

"Underground night club?" I read the signage on the door. 

"Are you kidding me? You're bringing me in there? That place is illegal!" I know i'm a btch but not to the point that i'm doing illegal things. My criminal record is clean, at least i can be proud of that.

"Ssh. Shut up. The real fun is in there." He dragged me in. The place is wild. Much wilder than Area06, i must say. "What can you say?" He smirked at me.

"Wanna hear my opinion?" He nodded. "I think you're sick. You're seriously freaking me out. First, you're doing drugs. Now, you're bringing me in some illegal places. What's for next? You're touring me in your hide-out?"

Now he's laughing real hard. "Sorry for laughing. I can't help it. Your assumptions are fcking funny." Then he laughed again. Fine. I'm overreacting. Can you blame me? Of course not! "Shut up or i'll leave you?!" I'm serious. I hate the feeling of being laughed at. Am i a clown? The heck.

"Fine. I'm sorry. I'll stop." Then he hold my hand. I raised a brow."Hands-off." I said. "No malice involved. If you don't want trouble, just shut your mouth and let me hold your hand, okay?"

I stopped talking. Maybe he's right. This place is troublesome. The people are doing drugs. The others are doing sex. Right, sex in a pub. 

"Tada! My private room." We entered a private room on the second floor. The room was dark and spacy and with bed! "A bed? Are you bringing prostitutes in here?" Then he laughed. Again. Tell me, is my question that funny? "I really love how your imagination works. It's wild. And i like it." Then he kissed me. What's new with that? 

We're kissing when his hand started slipping inside my dress,"Josh, stop!" 

"What? Stop spoiling the fun." Then he kissed me again. His hand is in my bra, unhooking it. "I said stop!" There. He stopped. Thanks God.

"What again? Don't act as if you're an innocent Virgin Dana. You'll love what we'll do. I swear." Then he motioned to kiss me but i slapped him. 

"You know what? Yes. I am no longer a virgin but i do consider sex as a sacred thing. Now, if you want to get laid, go and call a prostitute. Suite yourself, a hole." I stood up but he stopped me.

"Fine. No sex. Drinking session only. Happy?"

Then we started drinking. Unlike before, my alcohol tolerance is not as low as before. I can drink five bottles and i'm still normal. I think that's the effect of having bars as your second home. You get immuned.

"Now, for the real fun.." He took his coat and showed me a small bottle. "What's that?"

"It's herbal." Herbal yourself. I'm not stupid. "Shut up. What kind of drug?"

"I forgot. But it's mild though. Want some?" For the sake of Sara's harsh words, "Yeah, sure."

Then we started drinking. I lost count. While drinking, we kissed. That's normal. I think. I mean, what's wrong with kissing? I can kiss whoever i want. It's not like i'm doing sex with them. Like i told Josh before, 'A kiss is just a kiss until you do it with the one that you love.' So, no malice involve.

"I wanna go home." I said. I need to go home, i don't want to sleep in here. "Just sleep here. I can't drive. I'm drunk." He said with his eyes closed.

"Fine. I'll go home alone." I stood up and got my things. I'm kinda dizzy but i really don't want to sleep here. You'll know what i mean when you see this place.

I went out, i can't drive so i'm waiting for a cab. I was about to go to a nearbly bench but my head is spinning badly. Then i passed out

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