⁹All Mine

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Taehyung's POV

I opened the door for the manager and I saw Mr Jun packing his files as it was leaving hours. I calmed my temper and asked. "Where are you going,Mr Jun?" I had this fake smile plastered on my face that I too didn't like.

It was creepy.

"Sir,you're here." He smiled so happily and my hands were itching to destroy that stupid smile.

"How was your first day at work? The employees here been treating you well?" I asked.

"The employees are good but there is this rude girl." He started.

"Who?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Goo Y/n. She mentioned the name and my hands balled into a fist. She is so fucking rude,Sir. I know she is now at your bad side and we can do whatever you want with her but she thinks herself as the queen.

Why didn't you fire her,Sir?" He asked me and anger was creeping inside me like the lava waiting to burst out.

"Why don't you fire her." I told him. I wasn't looking at him by then,I was staring at the fist.

"Oh! I'll just go fire her now." He sounded so excited,he passed by me and then I grabbed his wrist tightly.

"Si-- He couldn't finish as I pushed him to the wall. My hand choking his neck.

I knew my eyes were so red,that's what everyone who saw my anger said my eyes looked like when I'm angry.

"W-What a-are--

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Jun Jung-In." I didn't care if I called a man older than me by his name.

He fucking got my bad side,he deserved no respect.

He was fighting for his life and I was tightening my grip on his neck making it hard for him.

He was looking so pathetic and weak.

I got disgusted by his weak face,I pushed him to the ground,where he fell abruptly. He started coughing for his life and I just loved the scene.

Satisfying my soul.

I went and knelt near him.

"W-What are you d-doing,S-Si--

"I said shut the fuck up. I warned in a dark tone and he looked so scared.

The same scared eyes Y/n shows everytime she is scared.

"So.. I touched his lips with my thumb and then looked at the thumb that touched his lips.

Your lips are the ones that moved when giving a job to my princess,right?" I asked with a smirk and I got no response.

He was still coughing.

"Answer my fucking question." I gripped his jaw.

"Wh-which prince--

"Pathetic." I said in distaste and left his jaw with force and I knew he felt pain.

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