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Y/n's POV

8 months ago.

I was resting my head on my father's lap and Haneul was playing with my hair.

Our usual thing.

Appa was telling us how him and Eomma met. To be honest he had told me that story many times but he never gets tired. He loves Eomma a lot and he defended me from her.

Best thing.

He mostly tells how Eomma was playing a too hard to get.

"I believe Unnie will play too hard to get." Haneul commented.

"Will you do that,Dear?" Appa asked me and I started contemplating.

"I don't know." I shrugged my shoulders.

"You've to,Unnie. Men have to cry for our attention." Talkative Haneul abruptly said.

"Hannie,you're just 14. You don't need to think about boys." Appa warned softly and the girl just stayed quiet.

"You know I always dreamed of a husband who will love me like there is no tomorrow. Yes,he should have flaws because a human has to have flaws but I want to love all of his imperfections.

I sometimes have this dream of walking down the aisle and him waiting for me. I just want my wedding to be the best with you all beside me." I said dreamily.

"I'll be your bridesmaid." Haneul said cheerfully.

"And I can never miss my daughter's wedding for something silly." Appa announced and I smiled.


All my wedding dreams weren't fulfilled.

I got married without walking down the aisle with a flower in my hands.

And fuck!

I didn't have a ring on my finger but that was a relief.

The ring would remind of being bounded to the devil as if the brain wasn't enough.

Anyways some dream are always left unfulfilled.

I was still in the dark room he left me yesterday. Hugging my knees as a I felt comfort in it.

In a very much cold room that I felt like fainting the entire night but still survived. The heavens wanted me to die with his hands and not a natural death.

I was feeling so cold and the door was still closed despite being another day.

Did he want me to be locked up for years?

Was I a slave now?

I suddenly heard foot steps and they were getting closer.

I wasn't ready to face the CEO to be honest. I was still scared and didn't have the power to even talk back to him.

Fuck,I was going to be dragged by my poor wrist. Again.

The door opened and the light illuminated in the dark room that I closed my sick eyes.

"Come out,Dear." It was Nanny's voice and I suddenly got on my knees run to hug her.

It was a relief being in her arms.

I started sobbing and crying while holding her tightly. Telling her how scared I was and how I felt the entire night. She just kept on shushing me softly with her soothing voice.

She broke our hug and wiped my tears.

"I'm sorry,Dear." She said in a guilty tone and I couldn't blame her.

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