¹³Dark Side

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Y/n's POV

"Are you really that dumb?" The question brought me out of the trance of thoughts. I averted my gaze from my lap to his side.


"Get out the car." He said getting out his car.

"H-Here?" I asked because I got a glimpse of the place we were.

It was a nuisance place. Kinda far from the city going to the hills. Only one abandoned building looking like a factory was at the deserted place.

"I don't like repeating myself." He said firmly in his dark tone. The driver opener the door for me and I reluctantly stepped down the car.

I fixed my clumsy glasses on their position. My palms were getting sweaty and I couldn't stop fidgeting my fingers at every step I was following the Mafia.

Two questions were roaming in my overthinking stupid brain.

1. Why did he bring me to such an abandoned building which looked so creepy like those haunted buildings in horror movies?

2. Was he going to kill me?

The second question was making me more scared because I believed it to be the reason he brought here.

I ruined Kim Incorp's. image and I knew he wasn't going to spare me after his company being in the headlines.

I fucked up real big.

He opened the big door and it's creepy creaking sound brought out my fears.

Tears already formed in my eyes. I was scared to the core.

I stepped inside and the door got closed by a person I didn't know. It was dark.

So dark that I barely saw a single thing and to worsen up my weak eyes.

It felt like dejà vu. The moment I stepped inside the dark room yesterday crippling inside me. At every step my heart beating loud that I could feel he heard my heart beat.

"T-Taehyung-Ssi." I stuttered. I halt my steps as I barely saw a thing.

I was so terrified and now I had tears in my eyes.

In my imagination,I was going to die. I could see my death.

Suddenly light illuminated in the room but not normal lights. Flickering light making me more scared and terrified. It was really those horror movies. My eyes widen looking around the creepy building and the Mafia wasn't there.

My heart beat wasn't normal. It was getting worse with the excessive sweating and I was still frozen on the place I stood.

My fist were opening and closing. I wasn't in the right state of mind. It was something I never experienced. I was panicking,scared to the core. I just wanted someone to save me but there was no one.

To worsen it,my bones froze. I couldn't escape.

The Mafia was slowly taking out my life by his so dark tricks.

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