¹⁶CEO'S Secretary

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Taehyung's POV

Disheveled but addicting.

That's how she looked.

"You're addicting." I said in a dark raspy voice. My eyes fixed on her and she looked at me with her bambi eyes.

I smirked and grabbed her wrist.

I just felt like I was used to grab it only because it fitted so well in my hand,so small for my hand.

I walked to my desk and made her sit on the chair. I walked to my chair and sat on it. I took a file on the desk and gave it to her.

She looked at me,her face painted in confusion.

"Read. I said firmly and she bite her lip,she was hesitating. We don't want to stay here the whole day. Do we?" The voice was scary enough for her to take the file quickly and started reading.

She fixed her glasses and one thing I just noticed. The glasses didn't fit her,they weren't her of her size not like they were too big but still.

They were old.

"Read fast we have somewhere to go." I said quickly.

"W-Where?" She asked looking at me in confusion.

"You don't need to know." I said in a final tone and left my chair after taking my phone on the desk.

I wanted to call an ophthalmologist to get her eyes new glasses.

Y/n's POV

He left me there but in hella confusion and shock.

What was the fun in going to places with me?

I rolled my eyes and focused back on the paper he gave me.

That was confusing me to why he gave and what did it say.

I started reading while my heart thumping.

The Agreement.

Kim Y/n who is fired from her position in the Kim Incorp. after the police scandal will never get hired in the company at any position because it's Kim Young-Ae who fired her,the co-owner of the company.

When I read that part I was so excited. I wasn't going to meet the CEO. The CEO-Employee relationship came to an end.


I felt like jumping. A smile adorned my face,I was so happy as if I won a trophy. We were just going to see each other in his mansion and not--

"Done reading?" His voice startled me.

"Y-Yes." I controlled my happy smile.

I never wanted him to me see my smile.

He stared at me as if he was so confused with my response.

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