Chapter Thirty-Three

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Stephan's Point of View

I walked towards her pushing through the crowd and then sat myself down beside her as she twisted in her seat to face me while swinging her straight hair over her shoulder. She bobbed her head to the music while staring at me with her beady little eyes.

"What do you want to drink?" I asked as she leaned towards me, reached out her arm and allowed her index finger to swipe smoothly across my lower lips.

"Don't touch me Gracie." I said seriously with attitude as I snatched her wrist and pulled her hand away from my face and then she chuckled. "What do you want to drink?" I asked again hoping that this time she wouldn't do anything stupid.

"An apple martini would be grand." She said licking her lips. Gracie was really hot and if I had never met Blueberry, I would have probably would have fucked her tonight but things were different now because I had met Blueberry and I'm completely in love with her.

"Hey what can I get you guys." A perky male bartender showed up wanting to take our order.

" apple martini and nothing for me." I said and then he replied before walking off. "Coming up."

"So why are you here, what you want?" I said turning my head to see her twirling her hair as she narrowed her eyes.

"How rude." She giggled while shoving my shoulder lightly. "Not even "How have you been or what you doing with your life Gracie?"" She smiled.

"I'm doing good by the way Rossy." she said holding up her hand exposing her ring finger, and on there was a huge diamond stuck to a sliver band. I hadn't noticed it earlier but now that she had made it obvious it had stuck out like a sore thumb.

"You engaged?" I narrowed my eyes and then the bartender placed the martini in front of her as I thanked him and handed him a hundred dollar bill. "Keep the change man." I said and then he thanked me.

"Yeah, I'm engaged."

"You're nineteen and you're engaged?"

"I don't see a problem with that. I'm planing to marry Paul next summer, he's a French golfer you know." She bragged. "and I'm moving to France with him next week." She squealed.

"Out of all of the amazing sports, a golfer? wow he must be exciting." I laughed sarcastically under my breath while she rolled her eyes. "So you came to say your final goodbye, I suppose?"

"Something like that." She smiled taking a sip of her drink. "It was never my intention to run into you tonight. I was actually going to stop by your place tomorrow." She flipped her bangs from her eyes.

"Why do you care? why not just moved to France without saying goodbye to me." I paused. "Don't tell me you still love me and was hoping to jump on top of my dick one last time before marrying your boy." I laughed while cocking my head back as a cheeky smirk lit up my face. "Cause that's not a fuck going to happen." My face serious.

"Rossy!" She chuckled. "Don't flatter yourself. We're not in high school anymore and plus I'm not as pathetic as Lana to still be in love with you, I've moved on to better things."

"I'm glad you have." I half smiled.

"Speaking about high school, word on the street is that you're in love with a high school girl, don't tell me it's true."

"It's one hundred and ten percent true. I'm in love with her." I nodded as I watched her face turn sour and then she tried to hide it by shaking her head and brushing it off.

"Anyway Rossy, it was great chatting. I'll be stoping by your place tomorrow." She smiled as she hooked her finger around my chain and pulled me closer to her face but then I shoved myself back with a confused look in my eyes as she began to smile at me rejecting her. She let go of my chain and tried lifting herself from her seat and then I pushed her down gently before she could leave. I could tell she was hiding something and I wanted to know what it was.

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