Part 1 - Just before marriage

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Hey guyss, i want you all to inform that since you might not read YMS(first novel) , I have mentioned ther too that I am new to writing plz do ignore grammatical mistake :)

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Finally, its happening!!! (she screamed happily). I am so much happy that tomorrow is the day I am going to marry Joshik. I am so grateful to you Bholenath.

Mumma, wherever you are I know that you are watching over me although I don't remember anything about you but I just want you to know that your daughter is very happy, so you don't have to worry about me. My social media account blew up overnight and I am earning a very good amount through it.
Also regarding my marriage I am going to marry Joshik. I am happy that everyone including even Daddy agreed for my marriage, who has always loved me but also thinks about society's pattern and yet allowed me to marry him.

But by the way I forgot that Tanvi had not yet arrived here in Ahmedabad. I need to call her immediately.

Ishani calls Tanvi..

"Why is she not picking up my phone?" Ishani said to herself.

Ishani's phone rung and she picked up

"Why were you not answering my call, are you ignoring me on purpose, where are you now and also when are you reaching here?" asked Ishani.

"Arey, arey calm down Ishani. My phone was on silent mode and also why would I ignore you, as soon as i saw i called you. Since you are so worried just relax because before your marriage I would reach there for sure and from next time ask one question at a time." replied Tanvi.

"I would still ask everything altogether because as always you can reply all of them. So why do I need to ask one by one." Said Ishani.

"Because you need to start taking deep breaths more from now itself so that when my Jiju(sister husband) kisses you harder, then you don't run out of breath and push him away on the first night itself. Okay?" Replied Tanvi

"Goshhhh !!! why are you starting all this?" asked Ishani with an annoyed tone.

"Okay, my Ishani's face is now turning red." Replied Tanvi in a teaseful way.

"I don't want to talk to you on call anymore. So end the call and you just arrive here soon ." Said Ishani.

"Ha ha (Yes yes) since you must been so desperate to talk with Joshik on call that now you obviously dont have much time to talk with me." Replied Tanvi Laughingly.

"Oh! Then you should find yourself a man. So i could also get someone to call Jiju and you can enjoy spending your time talking with him instead of disturbing me " replied Ishani.

"Now that you have your man so i am disturbing you and you dont have much time for me but i am not like you so dont worry I had your wedding surprise gift ready. You would definitely thank me later. Byby" replied Tanvi.

"What surprise? She literally hanged on me" said Ishani to herself.

Let me now call Joshilk.

No one answered.
He had not yet seen my any messages. Maybe he would be busy for doing all the preparations of marriage. I should also sleep now. My best day is almost there.

At 1am

Ahhh!!! I can't sleep thinking about it. Why had he still not answered my call or messages.

In morning :

"Uthi jaa have, hai bhagwaan! kai sharam nathi aa chokri ma. aaje lagan ne amda uithi pan nathi." Said Naani (Granny) while pulling my blanket angrily.

(The translation: Wake up now, Oh god! This girl don't have any shame. Today is her wedding and she had not woke up yet).

What is the timing? I asked to her.
"Its already eight in morning." Said Naani.

"What eight?" I need to rush and I just ignored my naani and while I was checking my message whether Joshik has replied me or not.

"Still wasting time on phone instead of getting ready first. This girl is a huge trouble for me and illomened for my daughter who had left this earth because of her." Said Naani.

"Why are you bringing this up now at this time, She is about to get married" said Daddy.

"Yes, finally happiness and luck will arise once she would leave." Replied Nani.

I was literally about to cry hearing this but somehow just stopped my emotions and rushed towards washroom.

Sometimes it feels that life is so giving and perfect while in just another moment all the sadness and worst situations that popped up in our head like the whole movie or album has recalled .

I had freshen up.
Dad and naani had gone for preparation of everything and now the beautician started to make me ready.

It was already 11:30, but still there was no contact with Joshik.

I was having feeling of weakness in my body and also anxiousness.

I immediately eat fruits so that at least for today I could enjoy my day fully.

Now at 3:30 pm

Every relatives arrived from my family side and was waiting for Joshik and his family to arrive there for band baaja voice from boys side(that is Joshik's family).

Every relatives had arrived from my family side.

What is happening? why had not they still arrived and why not even a single message was seen by Joshik. Now It made me in doubt that something was wrong.

"Where is your boyfriend, lover or whatever you wanted to marry?" Naani came and asked me with a taunt.

My Dad and everyone arrived in my room leaving the guests in hall and they even tried to call Joshik's family but no one answered.

"All it is such a nuisance. Firstly he belong from different culture and now they had not even arrived yet and the marriage time is also passed still there is no trace of them" said Naani and added what type of person you decide to marry. Do you even know what would happen if they dont came today.

"How it was possible that no one was answering the call in the whole family?" asked Daddy.

"Now is the not the time to think about that as we had already made our guests waited, they would all be questioning in no time about when would they arrive and wedding would begin" replied Naani to Daddy

I couldn't think of anything.

My father told my Both Mama(Mother's brother) to immediately go to their house to see what was the case.

Few minutes later....
Call came from Mama.

"What? Said Daddy.

I hurriedly asked Daddy what was going on.

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