Part 2 - Did Aadvik confessed?

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Hey my lovely readers, I know target has not yet completed but as you all waited for many days for part 1 and in Part 1 also many people had voted. So everyone who were eagerly waiting here's your part 2 :)
Plz let me know, your opinions on this part

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Ishani's Pov :
Daddy came near to me and told that they all had left the city yesterday night.

"It couldn't be Dad. Something's wrong." I said.

''Their neighbour had seen by themselves" replied dad.

I called Joshik while my hands were shaking a lot. I couldn't understand anything he didn't pick up the call.But I didn't believe that he left.

"Its all done, every guest have came and he left her just before marriage" said Naani.

Mehta's house :
(My lovely readers, if you are confused the one that has finished here with Ishani's Nani will be continued in this part itself and how you will know eventually 💙)

Aadvik's POV :

"Aadvik, you have just arrived two days before from U.k. and I think you should come out of your work and career zone and come with us to attend Ishani's Marriage, you might not remember but you both played when you both were kids." Said Dad.

"Dad I really can't come. I am busy" I said.

(I talked to myself I remember her very well and that is where the problem lies because I always liked her from many years ago itself and I don't have that courage to see her marrying someone else when destiny made her away from me and I cant believe I can not do anything regarding so being busy was only the lie to tell them the reason why I cant attend the function in which she was marrying but not with me as I cant see her becoming someone else but at the same time cant stop her beacuse if she is happy then its worth of my sadness too)

"Stop your nonsense of being busy. He is my best friend's daughter and you have to come. Your clothes and car are all ready for you. So be ready and attend it." Said Dad angrily with a deep voice tone.

"Yes Aadvik bro, from the day you returned you haven't even talked to us. Are you really that busy or you now like U.K more than us?" asked Anika.

"He just don't consider other feelings and relations and does only what he wants to do" replied Dad.

Anika hold Dad's hand and took him outside and whispered something then he left. This small little girl is everybody's favourite.And she is quite upset with me as I had not talked to her much from the day I came in India.

"Okay, so Aadvik bro. Do your busy work later on and attend the wedding ceremony of Mota Daddy's (Bade papa or father's big brother) best friend daughter wedding. It wont take a lot of time too. And we could also get a chance to talk to Ishani Di ." Said Anika.

No one could ever reject her and I agreed to go thinking maybe talking to her will be this only chance.

I agreed to go with them.

We all got ready now.

Aadvik's look

Aadvik's look

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