¹⁷Soft Side?

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I'm back!
Btw I missed y'all


Y/n's POV

"These are your new glasses. The Opthalmologist said after doing a check up on my eyes. I took the glasses and wore them. I was going to miss my clumsy glasses.

They were of my size but fucking expensive. 'The lens are for myopia eye sighted as you're now having short-sight." I just nodded because it was fact.

And maybe that's why I was having tears repeatedly in my eyes.

My eyes are dying!

"Is there a permanent treatment?" I rolled my eyes as the so called husband beside me asked.

Did he care?

"I'm afraid there is not. But I can do more research and I'll inform you if I get appropriate information."

"I'm fine with glasses. No need to do research." I said to the doctor.

"And I'm not."

"If you're ashamed with walking with a girl wearing glasses why don't you just let me be alone and go your own way." I let out my frustration while so annoyed.

Regardless the doctor in front of us.

He gave me a stern glare and I looked back at the doctor. "Where can I find a doctor to treat my wrist?" I asked showing the doctor my bruised my wrist.

I was suffocating inside.

"He is in--

"We didn't come here for that." He got up and grabbed the same wrist.

"Leave my hand. I yanked my wrist away from his hold. Why can't you understand that you're hurting me?" I inquired in a hurtful tone.

"You're creating a scene." He said lowly with gritted teeth.

I looked at the doctor who was looking at us. I just rolled my eyes and stormed out of the cabin.

My mood was so off and bad.

So many things were happening.

And the worse thing that happened was the 31 days. Like how the hell did he challenge me to love him in a damn month.

My blood was boiling like for real.

I got out of the hospital and got inside a cab.

I was having a bad headache but that didn't mean I was going to mansion hell.

I was going back to Kim Incorp.

Stupid me.


"So tell us?" My day wasn't bad enough that my annoying friends started asking me about my marriage.

"Mrs CEO got new glasses too. Y/n,didn't you say they're so expensive and you can't afford them. Oh... It's your husband who bought them for you. Girl is hella rich now." Deji was acting all dramatic.

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