¹⁸Shocking Truth

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Y/n's POV

I talked to Hannie on FaceTime and I saw Appa too. He didn't seem lifeless like other patients in Coma. He was indeed progressing,I was happy but sad too.

How I wish I was beside him. I wanted to tell the devil to let me visit him as weekend was the next day but I knew he wasn't going to let.

Still I was going to try.

I checked the watch and it was 10:30 pm and I was still in the company doing....

Absolute nothing. I didn't even work the whole day.


Because Taehyung was no where to be seen after tossing away the table in his anger version.

Was I worried?

No. I wasn't.

Just that I was sulking and bored sitting on my chair in front of his office that I could see inside his office and I was just hoping to see his face.

After all,he said we would always go home together so yeah. I was waiting for him to show his face and say "Let's go." In his usual tone.

I got out of my trance when I heard the sound of elevator opened. I walked out of my office quickly but I was suprised seeing Yeonjun.

"Who are you?" I asked suspiciously. I knew I sounded rude but I couldn't control myself.

The eyes of the guy was similar to the guy I bumped with earlier.

"I'm Hwang In Yeop. I work for Taehyung-Ssi." He said with a smile while forwarding his hand and I bowed to him.

"Taehyung-Ssi isn't here."

"I came for you." He said and I swear there was something quite unusual about his voice.

"W-What?" I asked quite in shock.

"I-I mean Taehyung-ssi sent me to take you home." He explained and I just looked at him confusingly.

"Where is he?"

"He has left with Felix for some work. Come on,let's go." He said and I didn't believe him a bit.

"What if you're a kidnapper? I can't just let you take me like that." I said in rejection.

"I can call him if you want."

"I've his number. I'll call him." I said quickly and for the first time I dialed my death's number.

"Missing me,Princess?" He asked soon after connection. I rolled my eyes and how was he sounding like a flirt when hours ago he was so angry.

"Have you sent someone to pick me up?" I asked ignoring what he said.

"Answer my question first." He said in a serious tone.

"I didn't miss you." I said and I heard beep beep beep sound.

What the--

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