¹⁹Drunk State

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It was 2 o'clock in the midnight.

After what felt like,hours of turning and rolling on the bed,I finally grabbed some sleep,though I really wanted to stay awake,because I desperately needed to talk to the Mafia.

Not about the shocking truth,I just got to know.

I wanted to ask him,if I can go check on her father,in Daegu.

My mother,lectured me over the call,saying I don't love Appa,and I felt guilty much,that's why I was waiting,but the Mafia wasn't coming,thus I ended up sleeping.

Suddenly,the door was opened,causing me to squint my sleepy eyes.

I lighted up,the bulb,and on the door,I saw her the CEO leaning,against the wall.

His eyes were just blinking,repeatedly,that got me wondering.

"Why did you lights up the bulbs?" The Mafia asked,his voice was raspy and lower than usual,but there was a glint annoyance in his voice.

"You're drunk?" I inquired,because from his look,anyone could guess,that the Mafia was drunk.

"I'm so sleepy." He said lowly,and he started staggering,he was about to fall,I quickly run to him,and caught him.

I then helped,my heavy Mafia husband,to the bed,who literally threw his body on the bed.

My eyes,widen a little,when I saw blood,on the CEO's knuckles.

"You've blood." I said,quite in shock.


"What happened?"

"Someone was trying to kill me,on my way here. But instead,I killed him." The Mafia giggled.

His voice was so low,raspy and somehow cute.

That's what I felt thou I didn't want to label the voice as cute but still....

The CEO was cute when drunk.

"I'll just take a kit and treat you." If the man,wasn't a Mafia,I would have dwell much,on why he wanted to get killed,but him being a Mafia explained it all.

"No." He said weakly.


"I want to sleep." He said and he unconsciously smiled,the voice is really so cute.

"I'll do it fast." I said and immediately takes the kit.

I got on the bed,took off Taehyung's jacket and the shirt underneath,ignoring the body,that screamed good body.

I focused on the wound,on the knuckles,I cleaned the wound,and dressed a bandage on them.

I took off,Taehyung's shoes and pulled him,towards the headboard,and covered him went to wash her hands,then came back,and saw Taehyung sleeping while cuddling the pillows.

I wasn't seeing,the adorable scene,for the first time.

Everytime I woke up,I found Taehyung with a pout,cuddling the pillows and he once cuddled me,but I was too angry and I pushed him away.

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