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The Mafia and I were in our own world,but in the same car. He looked so angry that I didn't want to rub more on his anger, but I desperately wanted to talk to him.

First,I wanted to thank him for protecting me,from the Kims.

He did something I didn't expect actually the Mafia always did unexpected things.

Second was, I was more than hungry,we left home without eating,he said said we will eat at my cold in-laws, but there instead of eating,he was just fighting while I was just facing down. I was so scared in that mansion,the two kims were scary like their son.

After,like an hour,of me just gulping and pressing my hand on my hungry tummy,I finally decided to talk.

"Mr Kim,I--

"Now you don't fucking act like Aerum,by asking why I was acting like that with my parents." Taehyung warned sternly,he was still angry.

I just gulped, the sour saliva in my mouth. He really despised Aerum.

Yes,I wanted to know why he acted like that with his parents,but that wasn't the thing I was about to say.

I wanted to tell the Mafia that I was hungry. "I'm hungry." I said looking at him,cuz fuck! I couldn't control my hunger self.

"So,why didn't you tell me at the mansion?" The husband inquired.

"You were fighting there." I replied.

The CEO told the driver to drop us at a restaurant,then he looked at me.

"So what? You think,they would have stopped me to eat in that house?" He corked his eyebrow.

"How can I know?" I asked confusingly.

"I hate being asked back,Princess. How many times should I tell you?" He asked lowly,his voice partially cold,wanting to scare me but not much.

I just stayed silent,I kinda knew if I would reply,it would turn to be rude.

"You did the same yesterday. The Mafia stated and I looked at him confusingly. Should I remind you?" He asked, while irritated.

I recalled what the man meant,asking him back when he was asking me,if I missed him while at the office.

"Why does he make a big deal out of a simple thing?"  I thought.

"I was--

"Sssh. He pressed his finger on the my lips, my heart beat, jumped to another level. If you'll do that again then I'll tell the security to get my elevator jammed. You'll be crying for help and no one will come to help you." He said darkly.

I wondered how someone could be easily pissed off.

"Got it?" He asked,and pecked her lips.

The Mafia was indeed something different. He scared me and kissed.

How was he like that?

Iwanted to wipe my lips,but I wasn't ready to see the man's bad side at that moment. "What's the fun in scaring me every time?" I decided to ask cause it got me irritated everytime.

"Much fun." He smirked.

"I hate you."

"I love you."


"That's the opposite of I hate you and I'm just reminding you because.... soon you'll say those three words." The man said in a tease.

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