²²In Dilemma

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I lowered my eyes to the ground when I sensed everyone in the restaurant looking at me.

Some with pity and some with disgusting faces.

All because of the Mafia's impulsive act.

I took my bag on the chair,to leave the place but was stopped by the waiter,who wanted bill.

"Just for that 2 plates and 2 drinks?" I asked the waiter,after hearing the huge sum of bill,just for the simple food we ordered.

No way that food, was that expensive.

"Yes,Ma'am. He said and I laughed humorless. And your husband spilled the sauce on the man. We added to that." He added.

He left leaving me in trouble.

"It was him,who did that so why are you after me? You saw that he was Kim Taehyung,the great. Why don't you just go to him and take the bill? He is a billionaire and I'm just his broke wife." I said while frustrated.

I had to play his billionaire card for the waiter to leave me.

The waiter was just making me late to leave for Daegu,as I just planned a while ago.

"He is your husband. So why don't you call him?" The waiter asked sarcastically.

I rolled her eyes and took out my phone,just to satisfy the irritating waiter.

The number was just ringing,and I felt like slapping the Mafia though it wasn't possible. After 4 attempts,he finally picked up.

"Mr Kim,you didn't pay bill." I said quickly fearing that the man,would cut her call.

"If you want me to fucking slaughter your neck then tell me right now,Goo Yn. I'll come there." I widen my eyes after hearing what the Mafia.

Was he that mad to a point of killing me?

I cleared my throat,looking at the waiter,who was waiting for me impatiently,I smiled at him and said . "Ok,I'll tell him." I grinned mischievously and cut the call.

"The money?" The waiter asked again.

I started acting all worried and sad. "He said-- he'll slaughter your neck,if you irritate me with the bill thing." I said with innocent eyes.

"What the hell!" He freaked out.

"He is capable of it,trust me." I said lowly to scare the waiter.

I couldn't just tell the waiter that my Mafia husband scared to kill me.

I had to play my own ways.

"But what will I tell my manager? I'll lose my job if I don't get the bill."

"Bill is important or life?"


"So just tell the manager that the bill owner is Kim Taehyung. The rest will be solved." I said with a smile and the waiter looked at me suspiciously,but still listened to me.

I left and I ended up standing at the bus station.

Actually I was in a dilemma,the bus to Daegu was about to arrive in just 30 minutes and I was thinking of whether going to Daegu or going back to the Mafia's den.

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