²³Knife Cuts

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3rd POV.


"If you stay silent like this then... the death will be more worse,Baby girl." The man smirked,immensely staring at you.

"I'm not your bab--

"Sssh." He put his finger on your lips. "Don't be so rude. You know we're just wasting time by this stupid question. I know you won't tell me so... I'll do it in my own way,okay?

Just 2 days ago,your husband got me locked in a dark room and he gave me two options. The options were this." The man put a knife and gun on the table.

"Why are you doing this,In Yeop?" You asked after seeing the gun and knife on the table.

"Taehyung killed my sister for you. So I've to kill you,right? After all,you're the cause of Jiah's death." In Yeop said with a shrug.

He was no different from Taehyung.

He was dark too.

Revenge can enthrall rage in a person,especially when there loved one dies. It was the same with Hwang In Yeop,his beloved sister died,who he actually sent to Kim Incorp to spy on the Mafia,using a fake surname as Won instead of Hwang,Jiah ended up falling and getting jealousy towards Taehyung and you and she ended up dying.

In Yeop was desperate to avenge his sister's death thus in short time,he did something unexpected and ended working for Kim Taehyung.

His plan was to make Taehyung suffer day by day but seeing you all alone,at the restaurant,he couldn't control his rage,thereby kidnapping you.

You looked at him,with much disgust in your eyes,you wish,you told Taehyung how he found In yeop suspicious,starting from the moment,you bumped up with him outside Kim Incorp,you saw something in his eyes and then when he came to take you in the office.

There was always something off about him.

"If your sister didn't call the media then she wouldn't have die,In yeop. Why can't you just-- a tight slap landed on your cheek,that echoed in the whole room.

"You seem to have a big mouth,huh!?" In Yeop shouted,then painfully grabbed your chin,squeezing it roughly that you couldn't stop crying for the man to let you go,you were in pain.

He then let you go roughly that you ended up falling on the cold floor, you started crying so bad,feeling bad for yourself.

You were seeing your death.

In Yeop's phone started ringing and he replied it,putting it on speaker.

"Hello,Kim Taehyung." In Yeop said with a fake humor.

Your mind got jolted up when you heard the name of your Mafia husband.

"Leave her alone,In Yeop. I'm the who fucking killed your sister,so stay her out of this." The Mafia warned.

"What if I don't?"

"Then I only won't cut your face like I did to your sister. I'll fucking do worse than tha--

"Mr Kim!" You screamed out loud but before Taehyung could speak,In Yeop cut the call.

"Good news. He laughed. Your husband told me how he killed my sister so let's get to cut your pretty face now." Your eyes went wide when In Yeop said he was going cut your face.

You touched your face, your eyes still widen in horror thinking of how painfully it would feel to be cut,you started remembering how Taehyung cut Jiah mercilessly.

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