²⁵My Karma

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Taehyung won't soften so easily,in the previous chapter,he was like that because of Dohee's state and he kissed Dohee because he is addicted to the lips.

He isn't in love,yet.


3rd Person POV

The glistening light from the sun,illuminated in the luxurious bedroom where Dohee was still sleeping,she stirred in her sleep,nuzzling her face in the pillow.

The sound of running water,disturbed her more,so she just woke up,rubbing her eyes looking around and she was shocked finding herself in the room.

"How did I-- She yelped with the man,coming from the wound she had on her temple.

That's when she started getting all the memories,being kidnapped,Taehyung coming to save her and at the end....

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Dohee cursed,not believing what she just recalled.

The memories of her and Taehyung kissing,her going hazy in the kiss and giving her all in it. "What the fuck did I just do?" She cursed herself,her gaze averted to the door that opened.

A maid came with a trey of breakfast.

"Nanny said we should bring breakfast for you and Mr Ki--

"Get out of my room." The Mafia said coldly,coming out of the bathroom,wearing only shorts.

"Nanny sai--

"Leave the food and get out." He said sternly,already irritated.

Dohee took the trey from the maid,she bowed and left,not even glancing at the Mafia's side.

"You shouldn't talk you her lik-- What the-- Dohee turned while eyes closed,feeling embarrassed after seeing her husband half naked. Go put on your clothes." Dohee said,still facing the other side.

"Just take this cream and apply on my wound." Taehyung said,going to sit on the bed edge.


"Don't waste my time. Just apply this cream on my back. I wouldn't have come to you,if my arm was capable enough to reach the spot." Taehyung said,the man was so annoyed and he wanted no one to start his temper.

Dohee gulped,clearing her throat,she turned and saw her husband sitting on the edge of the bed.

She told herself to not think of anything,she took small steps and took the cream Taehyung left on the bed,and started applying the cream on the wound,the cut was so deep and Dohee was quite suprised when Taehyung didn't even hiss or scream while her applying the cream.

She dressed a bandage on the wound then told Taehyung that she was done.

"Was it difficult?" Taehyung inquired,Dohee's eyes widen,confused to why the man was so hot tempered so early in the morning.


"One fucking problem about you,Princess. You don't take me seriously." The piercing eyes were staring deep at Dohee,who felt her heart beat going loud.


"What did you do yesterday?" He demanded for an answer.

"Y-yesterday?" Dohee was confused.


"I- I got kidnapped and--

"Before getting yourself kidnapped?"

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