²⁶Scared Around

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3rd Person POV


"You can't tell me what to do."

"That means I've to teach you how to not curse." He smirked.

"How would you do that?" You asked,the Mafia walked closer to you and whispered in his usual dark tone but with a raspy voice.

"By making you moan my name louder." He smirked,while you froze on spot your eyes widen.

"W-What?" You stuttered.

"You heard me." The Mafia winked his eye,then kissed your lips making sure that your saliva connected,simple passionate kiss but had hunger in it,he pulled out in no time then looked at you.

"I wonder how you insane you taste down there. Taehyung said thoughtfully,looking down at you making you feel uncomfortable. Are you a virgin?" He corked his eyebrow.

You were just hating the new avatar of the man,he was acting like a lustful man,his eyes could tell what he was feeling.


"I'm not." You lied.

"Lies don't suit your pretty mouth,Princess."

"How can you tell I'm lying when you were never in my past. You just came in my life and just a remainder to you that I'm a fucking 23 years old. I wasn't born-- Ah!" You yelped out loudly.

The Mafia twisted your wrist.

"What did you do?" You asked,staring at your wrist that was hurting like hell, you started blowing on it.

"If you ever curse again then the punishment will be worse,Baby. I'll seriously make you moan under me." He said in a serious tone.

"That would be raping."

"Not raping but a punishment."

"Are you that evil?"

"Just try me." You just gulped down your saliva,unable to come out with a word against him.

He was igniting the room with his dark aura.

"Now let's eat." He grabbed your arm and made you sit.

"I'm not hungry." You were about to stand but the man pulled you to the bed.

"Just stay quietly and let me feed you. I know you can't use your right hand. It's twisted after all." You looked at the man in disbelief.

Hurting someone was an easy job to him.

The nonchalantness in his voice spoke it all.

Kim Taehyung didn't care about anyone feelings.

What he cared about was .....

What he wants to happen at the exact moment he wants it to happen.

Ruthless being.

The man started feeding you with a fork,using his free hand. You were eating the food,the man was feeding you but hating it at the same time.

You wanted to threw it up after eating.

Upon finishing,Taehyung took a cloth and cleaned your lips that got stained and that moment,you didn't know what went into your stupid heart,that it skipped,just by looking at the man's face and his eyes.

Taehyung then took the medicine and made you drink them.

Meanwhile your heart,felt like a delicate flower with all the care,beating faster and your tummy giving the unusual stupid butterflies bubbles.

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