ocean blue eyes (not edit)

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lillys POV

And there i was i just floated in the darkness. A little hand touched my hand and a picture of Elizabeth came to my mind. She pulled me out of the darkness "lillys my friend" i herd a sweet voice say and i opend my eyes.

The first thing that i saw was a cream colored ceiling that reflected the sun. "Lilly" a very familiar voice said. I stood up But couldent.

Lilly helped me so i was facing hanna she had a bandage over her eye brow. "Wait intell jackson sees you like that" i told hanan and she narrowed her eye brows at me. "Not intell he sees your sholder" hanna mention.

I looked down at my sholder and part of my neck were a scar of claw marks stood. I touched the claw marks and remberd what happend. "Hanna are you okay" i asked now rembering also that she saved me from the tree.

"Yeah im okay a little bruised then and there but im good"she told me and started to take off the bandage on her forhead.

A scar that looked like an arrow being shot stood on hanans head. "That looks like a arrow" Elizabeth said.

Hanna traced her arrow of a scar with her fingers. "Your looking at the miss arrow princess my former student" i told Elizabeth.

"What do you mean student" she asked and hanna answerd for me "well i am be the princess but lilly here is the queen at arrow making and shooting" hanna bowed from her seat.

I posed as a queen, well more like a hero as i stuck my chest out. Like a proud queen.

"Also known at the queen who almost killed me" hanna added in which ruined my momment.

"Hey! It wasent my fault that you fell out of the tree!!" i half yelled at her like a little kid which made Elizabeth laugh. "When did she fall out of a tree" Elizabeth giggled.

"Well i was in the woods practiceing with the bow and arrow hannas parents made me. We were near a river when i saw somthing move and shake the tree. I couldent see what it was becuse leaves were in the way but when i shot the arrow it unbalanced hanna and she fell out of a tree landing in the river " i told Elizabeth which only made her laugh more.

"You dident unbalanced me i wanted to jump in the river anyways" hanna pouted.

"Wow i want to learn how to shoot an arrow,but my mom never lets me go beyond the pack gates" Elizabeth said and stared out the window.

That look on Elizabeths face told me i want to see the world, i want to explore. Her ocean blue eyes had a thirst for adventure.

I see somthing in Elizabeth which makes me think of me.

"Ill teach you" i told her. Her eye lit up and faced mine "really!" she said.

I nodded "i promise Eliz" i said.

She looked at me "its your nickname" i told her and she smiled "i like it" she said and started staring back out the window.

Hanna suddenly grew quite she herd something she wasent supposed to hear.

I thought of having Elizabeth and lilly having a connection.

Also theres not going to be anything romantic Becuse i dont really know anything about it im only 12 anyways so there wont be any love going on.

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