Part 7 Hotel

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Ishani's Pov:

We just started walking towards the hotel but the rain started slowly.

I said : " Rain is going to start"

He replied " Let's go quickly."

We were almost there but suddenly the rain started heavily. And in the moment we reached over there even by running still we got whole drenched in the rain.

I said annoyingly " Why the rain has to start now that too so heavily."

He replied " Does the rain has job of asking you first ?"

I replied looking at him angrily : " Arent you speaking too much Mr. Mehta?"

He replied " Arey, I was joking. Let's go inside now." and thought -" Mr Mehta i wanted to hear this only."

We both were going inside -

He said " See the positive side, atleast we found this hotel otherwise we had to spend the whole night drenched in rain that too in the car."

I said without looking at him- " hmm". Though he is right Thank you Mahadev atleast at right time, you made us found this hotel.

He had gone to book the hotel. He tolf that he would ask for charger till then I was standing there. I heard ""They look newly married couple, so give them accordingly required necessity. You should understand my hint" ,said by hotel manager"

I didn't understand. Were they talking about us? But what hint. Is this place dangerous. Why I started suspecting them? Stop Ishani. It's a hotel they are doing business and not a criminal place. Stop thinking all about this. Mahadev is with me even Aadvik is here. No need to overthink and afraid of anything.

He came and said " Let's go.Our room is booked"

We both were on the way towards the room. When we reached the room. He opened the room. I got first inside and I was shocked looking at the room. It was all decorated with red heart balloons and red flowers.

He said looking at me " I think they had done this mistakenly. Give me two minutes let me clean this all."

I replied : " Do you think you can clean it all in two minutes that also just by yourself. Leave it. We are not going to stay here forever.It doesn't even matter that much."

I was looking at my clothes whole wet. I even started feeling cold as it was heavily raining outside.

"Someone knocked the door. And I got terrified thinking who could it be. Is it something related to that hint. Are these people dangerous."I was thinking

He was going to open the door. I hold his hands and said " Why are you opening the door. You don't know who it is."

He looked at my hands and I immediately took my hands back from his hands.

He said " I know who it is." He opened the door before I could say anything. I saw a staff giving him something. I got relaxed that it was nothing dangerous maybe today i just got some side effects after whole unexpected day. I literally think too much some times. But again I was curious what was inside it. I was looking at it.

He came forward and gave me and said : "Its new clothes. I told them to arrange for us. Go and get change otherwise you would get sick."

I asked " What about you?" He replied : " I will go after you"

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