²⁷The Arrival

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3rd Person POV


It was 7 pm,the time you arrived in Daegu.

You were now walking down the street heading to your house. You were happy but at the same time,you were sad too.

Your mind was telling you that the encounter with your parents today,was going to be the last one.


You were sure that after going back to Seoul,you were going to be killed by your own husband.

You knew,you fucked up.

It was so so cold and the outfit you wore wasn't helping.

You calmed yourself, breathing in and out then pressed on the ring bell. Haneul was the one who came on the face screen,you couldn't help but smile seeing your little sister.

"Unnie!!" Haneul shouted and rushed outside.

She opened the gate and you gave each a bone crushing hug,a sister reunion after months.

"Let's go inside." Haneul said dragging you in the house.

She was so happy that she forgot about what her mother said about her lost big brother.

You let Haneul drag you.

Haneul opened the door, you smiled looking inside the house,you missed your home.

A tear dropped down from your eye,you wiped them and smiled,you didn't want to look gloomy

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A tear dropped down from your eye,you wiped them and smiled,you didn't want to look gloomy.

"Eomma! Appa! Unnie is home!" Haneul screamed while dragging you to the living room,where you saw a glimpse of her father watching TV who then turned to look at you.

"A-Appa." You were crying,you ran to the sofa and hugged your father tightly.

"I'll just go and take you a warm coat." Haneul rushed to your room,she knew you were feeling cold.

You were crying on your father's shoulder,and couldn't stop saying sorry while Ji-Kyung,shushing you,circling your back to calm your crying self.

"Hey! I'm fine." He pulled out from the hug,wiped your tears and smiled at you.

"I'm sorry." You said,your gaze lowered,feeling guilty.

"It's fine. I know you were busy." The father smiled.

"What kept you busy,Dohee?" You turned and saw your mother,who was looking at you with a straight face.

No a single hint,of being happy that you were back.

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