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Hey guys. Book on the end! Sorry for the late update. I had no internet.. -_- Well, I know em a horrible writer that's why this story was a short one. Thanks for reading this crap! Just a small quote on the side and if you want a sequel to Anastasia and her mate please comment. And please vote it would really mean alot. :)

The morning was as beautiful as ever. Birds chirping, sunlight beaming and the beautiful snores of my handsome mate. Just what I need to begin my morning with.

It had been 5 years since I moved on from my past and me and Kevin now had a beautiful little daughter, Anastasia. She has dark brown eyes just like her father's and my wavy black hair. She's the most beautiful and precious thing in my life.

A little stir beside me broke me from my thoughts.

“Good morning, beautiful,” my mate said in his husky sleepy voice which made a shiver run down my spine and a blush to creep up on my cheeks at the compliment.

Even though it's been 5 years since we got married, I still blush at his compliments and he knows what effect he has on me because right after saying that he chuckled.

“Morning, Kev. Breakfast?”

“Sure, anything you make,” he smiled that heart-fluttering smile showing both his dimples.

I nodded and walked out but before going towards the kitchen I tip-toed to my princess' room to check if she was awake so I could make breakfast for her too.

I slightly peeked in the door to see that Ana wasn't in her bed. I heard the toilet flush and she came marching out with a big smile on her face after seeing me.

“Morning, mom!” She chirped causing me to giggle at her cuteness.

“Good morning, my Princess. What would you like for breakfast?”

“Uhmm....” She went into deep thought putting her finger on her chin as if she was making the biggest decision of her life, “I'll have.... Choco flakes and some toast with apple jam,” she ordered.

“Okay, be ready quickly and come downstairs,” I kissed her head and left her to get ready.

Ana was just like me in habits. I was wise enough at that age to get ready by myself as everyone else was usually busy. I tried to ready Ana for school many times but she would always refuse saying she didn't want to tire me.

I started preparing breakfast and within 15 minutes both daughter and father came trotting down the stairs. I smile crept on to my lips seeing how much they both got along.

After having their breakfast, Kev and Ana had to leave. Kev for his Alpha duties and he dropped Ana to school. Kev pecked my lips before leaving and Ana gave me a tight hug before following her father.

I just stood there even after the door slammed shut. Lot of things went through my mind. I was always thankful to whatever happened in my entire life because if the outcome was this much happiness, then I would take that all over again. I never thought I'd be able to be happy again but this just proved me wrong. I couldn't be more happy in my life.

I lifted my head up to the ceiling and whispered, “Thank you.”

The End.

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