Part 56: END

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"Daddy, I at least need to see," I beg my father, who's been rifling through Ferix's kitchen drawers to find sustenance for Rory. The poor omega looks ashen, a thin shock of white in Jay's big arms. The alpha can't stop staring at him, completely mesmerized. Rory keeps his eyes shut, holding his heavy stomach weakly

"You will do no such thing. This is battle, Ash. It's nothing you should have to witness,"

"My mate is out there, fighting for me. For us!" 

"Your father is right. It's going to scar you," Yvonne interjects.

"Yvonne, I was mutilated in a cellar for the majority of my childhood. I'm already scarred," I snap back. I regret it as soon as I see the pained expression that overtakes my father's features. But what can I do? It's the truth.

Yvonne doesn't know how to respond, scratching at her head and staring at a stain on the wall like it's the most interesting thing she's ever seen.

I'm about to apologize to the both of them when I hear the roar of a vengeful wolf. I know immediately it's that of my mate. 

I rush to the back door toward that sound, flashes of my escape from a year ago coming to me. I was scared out of my mind back then. I'm still scared now, but so much has changed. While I never thought I'd be back in this godforsaken place, it's different now. This time, I have people here for me. That care. That love me. A mate that would do anything to keep me from falling back into the hands of my stepfather.

It's crazy to think that if I hadn't taken that brave leap that one night, none of the goodness in my life would exist. No Daemon, no friends, no fathers. That small world of torture he kept me locked in expanded into so much light. 

The least I can do is look out for my mate. I won't stupidly throw myself into the fight. I'm an untrained omega; it's a recipe for disaster. But I need to be there. For him.

I throw open that door the same way I did when I left this hellhole for the first time. Nausea immediately overtakes me at the sight of the blood. The bodies. Ferix brought his forces to intercept Daemon and his wolves.

Dread coils in my gut as I look out across the wasteland of what was once my old pack's town. Now overrun by warriors and bloodshed. 

I spot my stepfather, rage boiling up in my gut at the sight of him. Why the fuck does he deserve to still be standing, when so many of his hateful lackeys litter the ground, dead or bleeding out.

My father comes up behind me, placing a firm hand on my shoulder. He doesn't pull me back in. He watches with me in silence for a few moments. "My brother has desecrated Dark Moon. Look what it's come to, under his reign. What is it even for?"

"He's sick," I say, "there's nothing to it,"

"Whatever Daemon has planned for him, it will be heavily deserved,"

I'm about to voice my agreement when a movement to the far right catches my eye. My heart drops when I see Daemon as he grapples with two Dark Moon wolves. He's still not shifted, utilizing his human form to the best of his ability as he sinks a dagger into one of their throats. Ferix notices, too, and there's flash of fury in his eyes as he takes in my alpha, pulling something shiny from his belt.

Time slows to a stop. Daemon... can't see it. There's too much noise, too much going on around him. I swallow, ice-cold fear settling in my stomach as Ferix gets closer.

He's going to kill my mate.

"NO!" I screech, terror rising in my skull. I run at Ferix without thinking, instinct driving me as I swipe up a scattered blade in my path. My father's shouts of my name fade into the background as my eyes lock in on my target. I've barely gotten it solidified in my grip before I'm upon him, charging with all my might. I gasp as the blade sinks true, slicing through the fabric of his shirt and plunging into his lower back. 

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