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Aadvik’s Pov :

I walked towards the door and opened it. I took the bag from their staff member and closed the door. The moment I turned I saw Ishani taking support of the wall in a sitting position while covering herself with blanket along with eyes closed. I think she is still tired.

I said slowly while going near her “ Ishani.”
She didn’t open her eyes. Did she fall asleep again? I should better not disturb her.

I put her bag near the bed while I headed towards the washroom, took a shower, put on my clothes(It was a red shirt with black trousers) and came out.

I saw Ishani directly looking at me. I thought she would be sleeping.

She said “ I want to ask you something.” I wonder why she suddenly became so serious .

I replied “ Sure, ask”

She asked “ You got this clothes from staff people right?’’

I replied “ No, it was sent by mom through the driver. He is even waiting outside the hotel to take us back.”

She replied “ Oh ok! Then “

She went inside the washroom.

I thought why did she ask this suddenly then realized that she might have thought that I could make an arrangement of clothes yesterday itself but I didn’t when she was uncomfortable. It is at least good that she clarified it otherwise she would suspect me that I made her wear that dress deliberately. But that was given by the hotel and these clothes are by mom.

I was on my phone while Ishani came out. She was wearing a red saree. My eyes were  completely on her when she came out from the washroom till do her hair.

I started speaking in my mind :

“ How could you effortlessly make me lose my control everytime again and again whenever I see or think about you?”

“I can't get enough of you, the more I am getting to know you or get closer to you – The more I want you”

“ Even if it is an addiction. I don’t care- Yes, I am addicted to you. But this addiction is in a healthy way which always grows and never ends.”

“ My love for you is growing deeper second by second”

“ Mr. Mehta………” She called me. “ Hmmm?” I asked while she came walking near to me which was making me hypnotize in her love as I am completely mesmerized by her.

“I called you thrice? Where are you lost?” She asked

“ In you” I replied. “ What?” She asked in a bit louder voice.

I replied “ Obviously, you are speaking so I am lost in you. Just joking”

She replied “ You and your jokes. We should go now.”

I thought “ I wish I could tell her now itself that it wasn’t a joke and I was truly lost in her.”

We got down. I had gone now to do the payment.

When we get out of the gate, just some distance from the car. She said “ Let me pay you. I don’t have cash for now. I will pay you through online payment.”

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