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DD Pov :

Aadvik looked at his Mom .

His mom thought “was I not supposed to tell about this? “

Neel asked “ Did you like someone else but she got with someone else? Why don’t I not know about this?

His Mom said “ Yes, Yesssss. Your bhai didn’t confess his feelings and that’s what I am telling him now. If he doesn't confess to Ishani, he might lose her too. So he should speed up the process.”

Aadvik thought thankfully this dumb didn't got the actual meaning.

Neel replied “ Mom is right bhai. Do take action In case of Ishi Bhabhi. But who was in your past? Your childhood lover.?”

Aadvik Mom said “ Leave the past as the past. Don’t even take out this topic as he now likes Ishani. I don’t want any misunderstanding between them. So be careful.”

Neel replied “ Okay, Okay sorry. I wont Moti Mom”

Aadvik Mom said “ You better make her yours. Otherwise I would get her as my daughter. I won't lose anything but you will regret later.” And then she left

Neel said smiling to tease him “ Bhai!!! Tell me, who’s that girl.”

Aadvik  pulls his ears  and Neel shoutes “ Bhai!!! Arey bhai sorry! Leave my ears. Bhai!!!”

Aadvik didn’t leave his ears and said “ Why should I leave? You were taking good advantage of mine yesterday. Since I left here for studies. You may have forgotten who is the elder son of this house.”

Neel replied “ What did I do yesterday? “

Aadvik pull his ears more roughly and replied “ did you remember now? “
Neel replied: “ Arey but that was because you start conversation with Bhabhiji”

Aadvik said, “ I am your elder brother. You cant trick me. “

Neel replied “ My intention was to make you both together, ask Anika.”

Neel Looking at the door says “ Bhabhiji, look - Bhai started again. “

Aadvik immediately left his hands.
Neel said  while running “ Yes, i can't trick you. But bhabhiji’s name surely can, infact just her name would do. I now know your weak point bhai. The moment bhabhiji is included in anything,you don't use your mind. Sorry,i had to do this. “

Aadvik replied “ stop now there itself. Or you would be beaten by me.“

Neel said standing at the door “Bhabhiji will save me. You enjoy your married life and I will enjoy my freedom which was restricted by you but now that Bhabhiji came i am going to have fun.”

Neel ran away.

Aadvik said to himself “ This dumb brother of mine is getting on my nerves now.“


It was evening time.


Ishani and Aadvik were sitting on chairs, where between a table in which a bowl was kept which was filled with milk and rose petals.

Aadvik’s Mom “ Aadvik and Ishi, there will be three rounds from which the one who has got the ring first for the maximum time will win. I will say start.

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