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3rd Person POV



"We don't eat with a mask on,Mr Kim." Hee ae said,she wasn't liking the young man's presence.

"Oh! Sorry." Taehyung chuckled,he too was hating the act.

He took off the mask and smiled at the family.

Haneul got mesmerized seeing the man's beauty in person. Yes,she hated him but the man was more than handsome.

He was ethereal.

She couldn't help but mouth "wow"

Meanwhile,Hee ae got a bit shocked or you can surprised too when she saw the young man,it wasn't his handsome face but something about it.

Something she couldn't point out.

She shook her head,throwing the thoughts to the back of her head.

"Was it necessary to show your true colors,first time at your in-laws?" Hee ae asked,with eyebrows raised.

Shocking everyone on the table with her question.

While the Mafia smirked darkly.

The mother-in-law and son-in-law were sharing cold vibes.


You turned to look at your husband,who was holding chopsticks,not yet taking a bite from the dish he was served,it was like he froze,taking in the question he was asked and obviously thinking of it's answer.

You saw the smirk on your husband's lips,you just gulped because seeing the dark smirk,something in your head said he wasn't going to give an answer that would be pleasant to the whole family.

So you decided talk before the man,would do something stupid.

"What do you mean,Eomma?" You asked.

"Yes,Honey. What does the true color question mean?" Ji-Kyung added,not wanting to be confused.

"It mea...

Taehyung cut you, in talking. "It means my clothes and aura are too dark right,mother-in-law?" Taehyung smirked,staring at at his mother-in-law.

Hee ae just rolled her eyes. "Yes,Son-in-law." She gave Taehyung the same stare.

"Dark?" Ji-Kyung was still confused.

"I-it's not what you think." You said abruptly.

"What do you mean?" Hee ae asked.

Taehyung just smirked looking at you, you were dumbfounded.

"She means,you're overthinking mother-in-law. My aura is not dark and neither my clothes. You shouldn't judge someone with the aura they carry all the time. That's what you meant right,Honey?" Taehyung smiled averting his gaze to Hee ae,not a smile,you would like.

You just smiled faintly agreeing to your husband.

"He is right,Honey. Don't judge him just the way he is looking. He is young and handsome and... he is not what you think. It's understandable to wear like this with the cold weather." Ji-Kyung said,to his wife who just nodded not forgetting to glare the smirking Taehyung.

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