Chapter Thirty-Four

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Stephan's Point of View

My house was silent as the night sky was at it's darkest. I kept tossing and turning in my bed searching for a comfortable position to lay in and the frustration grew when my search had found no end. I wish Blueberry was here laying beside me, wrapping her arms around me, running her fingers through my hair while we stayed up and had a whispered conversation about anything she wanted to talk about. I smiled at the thought of it and how I so badly wanted it to happen.

My thoughts got interrupted by the sound of creaking wood that layered the passage. It sounded close as if it was right in front of my bedroom door. I pushed my body up and stayed silent as I listened for more sounds, a moment drifted by and I was beginning to believe that I was paranoid. I heard a door slowly being opened as the sound screeched to my ears and then my heart had lost it's beat.

I hopped out of bed and stepped my way out of my room as I began to panic. Bree's bedroom door was open and my eyes widened as my breathing quickened. I bolted into her dark room as the moon provided a blanket of light while I rushed over to her crib, she was gone.

"Orin!" I roared thinking that he had had Bree with him but my mind soon changed as I heard the guest bedroom door open and then Orin's lazy footsteps appeared into the passage with his sleepy voice to follow. "What's the problem bro?" He yawned as he had spoken to me.

"I can't fucking find Bree man!" I yelled as I flicked her bedroom light on and watched a figure emerge from the rocking chair laughing like a clown and in his arms was my smiling daughter.

"Did you really think that I would let you just shoot me and that would be the end of it?" He chuckled as he stared down at my innocent Bree.

"Ian leave my daughter out of this. This is between you and I." I said as I watched Bree's pretty eyes while they stared back at me.

"Steph, all I wanted was Lana. That's all I fucking wanted but you wouldn't let me have her, so take one last look at your kid because now I'm going to take something you have and you're never going to see her again." He smiled.

"Orin! Let's go what's taking you so fucking long." He yelled as Orin came walking up from behind me holding a gun to my head while I stared at him in shock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"Man what the fuck!? You're with this lunatic! I trusted you man. I trusted you with my kid!" I said as he pointed the gun at me while walking over to Ian.

"You took my sister away from me so now were going to take your kid away from you." Orin smiled as he took Bree from Ian's arms.

"Get out of the fucking way, or I'll shoot you." He said but I refused to move. I wasn't going to allow this, I was defenseless but I wasn't going to allow the two of them to just walk out with my daughter.

"Are you deaf!? Step out of fucking way!" He said pressing the gun to my forehead.

"You know what! Fuck this." Ian said rushing over grabbing the gun from Orin's hand, pressed his finger down on the trigger while the gun aimed at my rushing heart and as the bang went off my mind had became cloudy, pulling me from my dream into reality.

It was sunny this morning but still cold outside as I hopped from my bed sweating like a fucking pig while my heart couldn't contain itself. It still felt so real, even though it was all a dream. I rushed to my kid's room to find her missing and then ran over to the guest bedroom to notice Orin gone to.

I heard a sound coming from the lounge and then I bolted my way over to see Orin sitting on the couch with Bree watching Adventure Time as he fed her a crushed up banana, I sighed in relief.

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